Sunday, March 24, 2019

Be Considerate

When my second IUI failed, I remember how down I was. I confided to my mom, someone who I always turned to for advice. I told her how these several years battling with infertility has been so damn hard and makes me feel lost. 

I told her how I felt like I have no purpose in life. At that time I have quit my six years job (which I love very much). I confided in her how it was not easy being from someone so productive with her life to being someone who stays home and hang on to uncertainty hope.

My mom is a hardworking woman since she was young, she and my dad have their own business so she always encourage me how important it is to have my own business or source of income. My parents also didn’t 100% agree when I decided to quit my job, so she could easily use that moment to lecture me. But that day she knows exactly what I need to hear instead of what she probably wanted to say. Instead of saying things that she thinks was best for me, she comforted me in the way that she knew I needed.
She replied me, "Don't you worry dear. By the time you have that child of yours, and I know you will, you will be as happy and as busy as you always dream of. That lost feeling you've been having will change to contentment". 

I have always love my mom for whoever she is, but that day, I love her even more. 

I think what I'm trying to emphasize is, when we talk, we often didn't put ourselves in other shoes and mostly say whatever we want to without thinking what the person might feel. It's hard enough to go through life without being criticized, so please always be kind and considerate. Or remember this; if you don't have anything nice to say, be quiet is always the safest option. 

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