Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ivy's Travel: Singapore Food Diary IV

A short post on what we ate during our last SG trip. Don't expect any trending cafes since we didn't go to any. It's funny how I changed so much now that I'm not really into the rapidly growth food scenes. Normally my trip to SG won't be complete without visiting few of the trending spots, but now I am more into locals and food that I do enjoy rather than wasting my tummy space for fancy cafes' typical food, not that I won't be going there for good, it just won't be my priority anymore. 

Two of SG's local food that I never missed out no matter how many times I visit the city are Mee pok and Laksa. I love those two so much, sure I like trying out the trending places in town too, but nothing beats having local food when you're traveling. 

Yes Singapore has tons of places selling mee pok, some of my favorites are The Fishball Story, Song Kee at Lau Pa Sat or the recently michelin star awarded, Hill Street at Crawford Lane. But, there's one place that is as good yet conveniently located, one that I always go whenever I don't feel the trouble of going to those Kopi Tiams for a bowl of mee pok. 

Li Xin Teo Chew Fish Ball Noodles 
This one is conveniently located at basement floor of Ion Orchard, inside Food Opera. Their bouncy fish balls are seriously the best! You can choose the type of noodles, and they mixed it with their signature sauce so you don't need to do all the stir. Deliciously humble!

Mee Pok SGD 6.5

Another finest local food Singapore's proud of...

Fried Oyster

Fried Prawn Noodles

Roast Duck

Toast Box
Honestly I never get Toast Box. I mean, generally speaking, they are pretty okay but nothing really stands out. We're here only because we were waiting for a store to open and Toast Box was across them, so while waiting...

People's Park Complex 
If you are someone like my parents, devoted Durian lovers, I recommend you to go to People's Park Complex at Chinatown area for a good yet reasonably priced Musang King durian. Most people will go to Geylang or Bugis, but I think the ones at People's Park are cheaper. Though of course, as you might know, Musang king durian has levels too, therefor the pricing also depends on that.

I forgot to take pictures of the durians (follow me on snapchat @ivys_life, since I often forget take pictures with camera during travels). Anyway, if you do go here, take a little tour to the food complex on the ground floor coz they sell the best Teh Peng (Iced teh tarik). 

Now.. On those Laksa subject. I know people tend to go to the popular Katong Laksa for their laksa fixed, but I personally leaning more to the laksa at Yong Tou Fu stalls which you can find at almost every shopping mall's food court. I like their version better because the broth is so so so good, thick and flavorful, plus we can choose the condiments from meat, seafood, meatballs to vegetables, unlike Katong laksa that only comes with cockles. 

Zion Road Food Centre
Address: 70 Zion Road 

You see that plate of Char Kway Teow that looks more like worms? That is Singapore's signature CKT (Char Kway Teow). Zion Road CKT has always been in the top list of the best CKT in town, especially since Singapore's prime minister claimed that theirs are his favorite. The queuing line has always been crazy. I waited for I think a good 30 minutes for this, and was it worth it? Personally, it wasn't bad but I don't think it should be the kind of CKT that die die must try, it was a bit lack of flavor, but probably it's a matter of preferences since the crowds seem to love them. 

Pizzeria Mozza 
Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands

Fennel Sausage Pizza (SGD 29)

Frieds Pig Ears (SGD 15)

Chicken Liver Bruschette (SGD 17)

The only restaurant we went to on this trip is this popular pizzeria by Chef Mario Batali. Famous for its signature pizza, I actually feel it was more overrated than great. Don't get me wrong, it was a fine pizza, thick chewy dough just the way I like them, I hate thin crust pizza, it just missing that little "oomph.." to get me impressed. The chicken liver bruschette however was just brilliantly gooood! The bread was crunchy toasted and that well balanced chicken liver was terrific. A dish I would strongly recommend you to order. 

So anything up above drools you yet? 

Thank you for reading!

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