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I wasn't plan to write a review on Tucano's at first, because I didn't take my camera during our dinner, but I've received quite many message on instagram asking me to blog this after I post them on my Insta-story. Hence, I decided to do it, but warning ahead, all the pictures taken with Iphone only and they weren't good ones, since I initially took them only for Insta-stories purposes. 

Even if now is a common scene to see people taking picture before or during their meal, I personally never feel comfortable to bring out my camera and taking multiple shots at the food or the restaurant interior when the place is crowded. That's why during my time when I was still high on food hunting, I always choose to go to the place I wanted to review on weekdays and not during lunch or dinner time where there are lesser crowds.

Pavilion apartment recently comes with few new establishments, from all day brunch KLTR Coffee, Japanese Hokkaido Izakaya and Tucano's, an all you can eat Brazillian BBQ. The later was the one interest me much among the rest. I made a reservation for a dinner date on Saturday night, and I'm glad that I made a reservation in advance, because the place was full house. 

So, Tucano's is a Churrasco all you can eat place with unique presentation where unlike other all you can eat places, this one serves the food to your table. Well, no exactly all the food. They have a buffet table with salad, pasta and dessert in the center where you can freely dig in yourself, but for their star, the grilled meat, they will serve them to your table. Churrasco is a term for barbecue originated from Southern Brazil. It uses variety of meats that can be cooked with specialty made barbecue grills.

Once you are seated, the waiter will ask you if you want to have only their buffet or the complete churrasco. Buffet only means cheaper price and limited to only buffet table with no meat, and only salad, pasta and desserts. Taking the churrasco means higher price with complete buffet spread and grilled BBQ meat served to your table. We, of course choose the complete one because that's the point on coming to Tucano's. Having overdosed on meat.

If you choose the complete all you can eat churrasco, the waiter will then explain to you how it works. So, you see the photo above? The three chips represents each of your options. Green is for meat, Yellow is for grilled pineapple and Red is when you are done. So, when you want to have the meat to be served to you, you put on the green chips on top of the letter T, the waiter will see it and come to your table with skewers of meat. They have 7 - 8 kinds of meat from chicken to beef. If you choose premium package, it will also have shrimps. When you feel like you need to take a break but you're not done yet, just put down all the chips in the table, don't put the red one unless you are finish and ready for bill. 

Brazilian Churrasco (Churrasco + buffer + free flow drinks): 
Weekdays lunch: IDR 248.000++ (duration 90mins)
Weekdays dinner: IDR 348.000++ (duration 120mins)
Weekend lunch: IDR 348.000++ (duration 120mins)
Weekend dinner: IDR 398.000++ (duration 120mins)

Please note this is the price as per the time I wrote this post. They also have Wagyu package but I forgot to take note on the price. The one we had is the 398k++ which includes 7-8 types of chicken, lamb and beef (sirloin) BBQ meat, buffet and free flow drinks. 

What I love is how the meat comes in different type of temperatures. So you can ask the medium or well done upon to your liking. You don't see these kind of options in an All you can eat restaurant. 
The part of meat that I suggest you to taking on more is their Picanha (top sirloin), soooooooo goood. They seasoned it with sea salt and was so freakin' tender. Their Alcatra (Sirloin) and Fraldinha (Outside skirt) also very juicy and good. The first few minutes they will come with chicken and sausage, I took one each just to know, but never repeat them. I think it's a waste of tummy space, so I only concentrate on the three types I mentioned earlier. *wink wink*

I would suggest to not taking up too much on the buffet table because you will be too fed up for the meat. But, I personally am not really good at taking plenty of meat so it works well for me to combine it with their salad. The most common questions I've got about Tucano's besides on the price, was whether it was recommended? It was not an easy questions, because everyone's palate is different, but as for me, I would say that they have an excellent meat quality, so if you are a big meat eater, you'll love this place, but for Hubs and I, I think one time is enough, though it was a unique experience seeing all those big skewers of meat and having them served right in our table. 

Thank you for reading!

Pavilion Retail Arcade Ground Flr
Jl. KH Mas Mansyur, Sudirman
Ph. +6221 29759253
IG. @tucanos_jakarta
Operational hours: 
Mon - Sat: 11.30am - 3pm, 5.30 - 11pm
Sun: 11.30am - 5.30pm

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