Friday, June 21, 2013


Odysseia is one of the newest addition in town located in the lobby of Pacific Place, right in the front of Galleries Lafayette. The intimate space was designed like the gardens at Versailles, a very pretty outdoor garden concept where as we walked further in, a different concept spotted on the lounge area, more modern ambiance with dimmed lights. 

When I went there on a Saturday night with hubs, the place was full packed but we were lucky enough to be seated shortly in a comfy couch near the entrance. They put some stuffed animals in the couches which I can't really understand the purpose to do so. Though they serve international cuisine from salad, pasta, sandwich, and steaks, but the selections to choose from was very limited. I ended choosing Classic Caesar salad with grilled chicken (80k) and truffled mushroom (85k), while hubs went with Angus rib eye (215k). 

The salad was okay. They put a half cooked egg on the center and when we cut it, the melted egg yolk was bursting out deliciously. The rib eye was juicy and tender though the fries was flabby and the coleslaw was just sad. Our truffled mushroom wasn't served until we finished both our meals, so we asked the waiter to change it to Odysseia Tiramisu (65k) if they haven't cooked it. After checking with the kitchen side, it turns out they did missed out the order. The tiramisu came, and just by looking on it, I was off, it looked too mushy and melted, the vanilla cream and some kind of chocolate sauce they put beside the cake was so messy that it making me lose my appetite. And yes, it didn't taste good.

I must say, through our 1,5 hours of dinner, the service was polite but everything just not running smoothly. They forgot to give the steak knife, being too slow on passing the wi-fi password, and they were quite hard to find due to the number of staffs who didn't quite add up with the number of tables that night. I guess it was a typical thing on a newbie diners, yet I do hope they would do some improvement on the menu. Such a shame if the only good thing about the place is only the venue itself.

Pacific Place lobby, GF
SCBD district
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53
South Jakarta

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elvina febriani said...

this is why I am cynical to new pretty restaurants! People appreciates the venue more than the food. Hence, it became overrated!