Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Huang Ji Huang PIK Jakarta

Spending Saturday night at Pantai Indah Kapuk is basically one way to test your anger level. Having to live nearby, PIK has always been the place where I go frequently, like very. Though for the past one year ever since the neighborhood is getting more and more crowded with new restaurants and cafes, I tend to avoid the place on Saturday night. The hassle in finding a parking spot is not really the kind of amuse bouche I'm looking for. 

A week ago, Hubs and I made a mistake by coming here on Saturday night. We spent an awful 25 minutes just to get a parking spot and it wasn't even near the place we wanted to have dinner at. I seriously can't imagine the traffic once PIK's shopping mall opens. 

We went and have our dinner at Huang Ji Huang, a Chinese franchised restaurant focusing on simmer pot. Apparently, the restaurant is quite popular, originated from China with overseas branch at Sydney and Singapore. They even have an achievement as China top ten featured restaurant brand. 

Pig's ear salad (64k)

So the menu only focus on simmer stew pot. They have ala carte menu with meat and seafood, or you can also choose to have it combine with minimum 3 items in one pot. We chose to have the combination of Pork ribs (98k), Beef sirloin (92k) and Squid (96k). The set comes with one choice of sauce and assorted vegetables. We chose spicy mala sauce. 

Our choice of meat, sauce and veggies come in separate container boxes. 

The server then will help us to stir all the items on the pot, one by one starts from the veggies, our choices of meat or seafood and lastly the sauce. All in all, it took around 15 mins of cooking. 

The portion was really huge. Each item is around 200gr of serving and the combination have to be minimum 3 items, so it was way too much if you only dine for two. It suits best for 3-4 persons. Taste wise, not really suits our palate. It wasn't bad, the meat and the seafood were tender and the sauce comes with this tangy flavor, but it tasted bland as the sauce was not really blend into the meat. Also it comes with so many veggies which we feel most of them was unnecessary. Bottom line, it just wasn't our kind of food.

The crowd, however was surprisingly packed. Well, everyone has different taste, but I'm pretty sure we won't be coming back.

Huang Ji Huang
Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 57
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Price range: 288k - 368k 


Ron said...

Mengundang selera banget. :)

Kalau ke Jakarta mau singgah kesana deh, hanya nggak pas malam minggu :D

Ivy said...

Haha yes don't come on weekend! :D

Wahab Saputra said...

Make be hungry