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Ivy's Travel: Bangkok Pattaya Diary {Part 2}

Hello! My babbling on Bangkok trip part 2 starts. If you missed out the part 1, please click here.



When you plan a trip to Bangkok, be sure to fit in Saturday and Sunday so you don't miss Chatuchak. The market only opens on weekend and it has lots of things not to be missed, fashion, home wares, kitchen wares, souvenirs and the FOOD! Make sure you have a good bargaining skill, as besides from the food, everything is up for bargain. 
It opens from 8.30am, though many sellers will only open their shops around 10. 


Probably my own heaven in Bangkok. Platinum is the only place in Bangkok who can make me forget about food for hours. Put me here whole day, I don't mind. 
Couple years ago when my online shop is still active, Hubs and I used to come to Bangkok once a month for shopping trip and it was so much fun. Until today, I still sometimes regret how I easily throw away this passion of mine. But you know they say, there's no regret, only lesson. :)

If you are girls and into fashion, this place is a must visit. You can bargain, but the prices here normally pretty fixed. Most of the stores offer wholesale price for 2 - 3 pcs up and the items can be mixed, so it doesn't necessarily have to be one model only. The wholesale price can be around 100 bath cheaper.


I am not really someone who is that into cute kawaii place, as normally the food would just be okay if not horrible. But Hello Kitty Cafe in Bangkok is just too cute to be missed. I wouldn't say die die must go here, but compare to the one in Taiwan and Korea, the one here in Bangkok is so much bigger and nicer. 

The food as expected was not worth the price and the calorie. Cute cute Hello Kitty theme with super standard taste. We only had their latte and Strawberry pancake. 



One of my favorite things to do in Bangkok is waking up early to stroll around Pratunam market, to find breakfast and do some cheap shopping. I have always love Bangkok, like a lot. We've been here around 7-8 times and most of the time, we stayed at Pratunam area so I'm quite familiar with the neighborhood. 

We had pork porridge, the queue line still as long as I remember. It comes with pork meat and intestines along with century eggs, only cost 60 bath (24k rupiah). So cheap yet so good. 

Not to worry, Bangkok is very clean. I don't see any trash or harsh pollution even at the market. 


The place is so gorge that it need a feature. I don't normally to keen on posting an individual post on a restaurant outside Jakarta, but I'm so going to do it for this one. Karmakamet is just too pretty. 


We went to Central World Plaza after our lunch at Karmakamet to watch American Sniper, took a little window shopping around the mall and headed to one of our favorite food street vendor for dinner. 

I'm sorry if I can't give further information on this place, as they located on side of the street, have no signage, no name card and they speak very very and very little english. I knew this place from several years ago, during our shopping trip, we once stayed in Bangkok City Hotel, huge mistake on the hotel, a fortunate finding on this street vendor which got us keep on coming back everytime we visit Bangkok. 

It's just a humble street food vendor opens from 7pm until 3am in the morning. The crowds? Never seen an empty seat, well at least during our visits, the place always crowded. It offers Thailand's local dish with very affordable price. Normally me and hubs only spent around 120k rupiah per one meal. So cheap and trust me, it was very good! Most recommended menu, the duck soup. It was tangy with Thailand's signature spicy and sour herbs. So yummy! It was not on the menu, but they have it. You just need to be extra patience in asking them about it as they hardly understand english. 

The easiest way is coming from Platinum Fashion Mall and just go straight towards Petchburi Soi 12 , tell the tuk tuk driver, you want to go to Bangkok City Hotel (not Bangkok City Inn). The vendor is located before the hotel. If you come from Platinum, just go straight towards Shibuya glow (and not the other way around), you'll meet a red light, keep going straight, and you'll see a street vendor full of people, next to the bridge. Open from 6pm - late midnight.

This two are the only signage near the vendor. I hope you'll able to find it as the food is worth the effort. :) Good luck!


On our last day in Bangkok, we don't have any time to go anywhere besides having another breakfast at Pratunam Market as our flight is at 2pm. 

Oh, btw just incase you don't know, Bangkok has two airports. Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang. If I'm not mistaken, Don Mueang airport is for the budget carrier like Air Asia and Lion Air. I don't know how far is Don Mueang airport to the city, as we arrived at Suvarnabhumi and the distance is around 45 minutes to reach Pratunam.

To sum up my babbling, I love Bangkok. Always have, always will. I love the food, how cheap and good it is. I love shopping here as you can find either cheap and expensive fashion here. I love how they have so many unique housewares. And the most, I love all the night markets, how several  streets in Bangkok will turn to night market once am turn to pm. The one I don't like, the hot weather, though I still prefer Bangkok's rather than Spore's weather. If you often go to Spore and walks a lot, you would notice how Spore is very humid! 

Now, food not to be missed while you're in Bangkok. Thai iced tea, Mango smoothies, Thai's coconut water, Mango with sticky rice and Fried pork belly! Bangkok, you're so full of nom nom. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

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