Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bastardo Pizza PIK Jakarta

I normally tend to try almost every new restaurants or cafes at PIK. However as they are rapidly evolving, I find myself becoming pickier as the well known fact of diners at PIK are they mostly comes with great design and ambiance with so so quality on the food. You can search for #ivyatpik on instagram and found all kinds of cafe I've tried on the neighborhood. Many of them were not even good that I don't feel the need to put it on the blog. Different case for this one. 

Bastardo Pizza is a new Italian cafe located few rukos away from Ikkudo Ichi and Tim Ho Wan. They shared the same building with Kimchi Grandma and Above 5 Sky. You won't missed them over the bright orange canopy on the exterior. 

The interior comes with warm dark ambiance. The seating next to window were brighter with the natural light, but I find the seating on the back with couches to be more comfortable. It might not be the best spot to take a picture due to the dimmed and yellow light, but that day, I didn't care, I have not met my bestie for almost 2 weeks so honestly I just want to have a good long chat without worrying how the pictures will turn out. 

I am loving the details they apply, from the menu book with soft leather cover, the mural with the head chef illustration look a like and the Bastardo signage on the back. As I turned the menu pages, I was indulged by the variety of pizzas they have. Pizza has always been my favorite junk food and I am delighted to find so many choices to choose. Pork lovers shall be happy as they serve many pork dishes here, though halal options like chicken and beef are also available. 

We landed our choice at The Butcher (95k) filled with generous toppings of smoked ham, crispy bacon, mozarella, sunny side up egg and cherry tomato. Their pizza is an Italian version where it's soft chewy with thicker dough on the back. We loved it. I always prefer these kind of pizza rather than the crisp thin one. 

Though the pizza were yum, our favorite of the day went to their amazing Crispy pork belly (90k). It was to die for. I am never much a big fan of pork so for me to praise on this means they did a hell of a job. The pork belly skin was crisp, crackling yet juicy and tender on the meat. The flavor was just right! It comes in 4 thick nicely grilled slices with Cennellini beans on the bottom. Not a fan of the beans but the pork belly is sooo recommended. I do hope they will be very consistent on the whole flavor. 

Moving to dessert which comes with only two options, Tiramisu and Green tea pannacotta. We chose the Tiramisu (45k) and it was pretty standard. I didn't really like the thick cream on the top and how the espresso flavor was not really felted. 

Will I recommend them? Based on my first visit, YES. The pork belly and pizza are just way too good. 

Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No. 5-6
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 22510125
Opening hours: 11am - 11pm 
Instagram: @bastardopizza
Price range:35k - 140k

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