Sunday, May 3, 2015

Okiro Bar Grand Indonesia Jakarta

For you, Okonomiyaki fan, Okiro Box has take it up to another level with their newest Japanese edgy bar, Okiro Bar located at Grand Indonesia. 

If you don't know yet, Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake with variety ingredients, normally eggs, cabbage, seafood with sweet sauce, mayo, seaweed and dried fish flakes on the top. The word Okonomi means what you like and the word yaki means grilled. So, Okonomiyaki can literally be translated to grilled what you like, and that's exactly what Okiro Bar's concept is.

Here, aside from the available menu, we can create our own okonomiyaki with our choice of topping and grill it ourselves on the table. They have tables with grilling pan in the centre and cooking instructions. The interior is fun, edgy and colorful with touches of bright colors and Japanese magazines as part of the wall displays.

If Okiro Box only comes in stall outlets, Okiro Bar is the higher version of them with wider (and pricier) range of Okonomiyaki & Takoyaki. I always feel Okonomiyaki more into a heavy snack rather than main course, so when I saw the price range, I felt it was a bit too high. The price range is around 89 - 173k for medium size and up to 250k for the large size.

We didn't want any troublesome on our first try, so we just picked what's claimed to be the specialty, Caramelized Wagyu Hiroshima (159k medium size) and Family Octopus Takoyaki (33k). The Japanese refillable ocha (25k) comes in a small cup which we can refill ourselves in the drink corner.

It took a while for our orders to be served. The takoyaki was only decent as I felt the octopus inside was way too small that we almost didn't feel it. A good takoyaki should have good balance of the flour with the amount of seafood (normally octopus).

The Okonomiyaki was yum! Messy, but yum. Comes with generous toppings of beef wagyu, eggs, cabbage, octopus with enough portion of dried seaweed and fish flakes on top. The texture was good, it was not dry, a bit moist and juicy. It was a good okonomiyaki, I'm just not sure the 159k was the right price for that kind of portion. Aside from the price, it was a yummy okonomiyaki!

Anyway, hopefully y'all have a blast long weekend, got enough rest and fun and ready for the week ahead before another long weekend. :) Thank you for reading!

Okiro Bar
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall 5th Flr
(In front of Ron's Laboratory)
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1


gadis dis said...

*melongo liat harga okonimiyaki-nya*

oh wow!
what a price *____*

Ivy said...

Yes! Haha