Friday, May 8, 2015


Long weekend always excites me. Traffic in Jakarta is just getting worse each day that holiday simply means a traffic hallelujah. I always use this opportunity to go to certain places I normally won't go due to the traffic. Perfect timing to visit Pepin & Malloy, a newly opened cafe focuses on bringing the best hotdog in town.

If you think about it, how many places in town that sells a good hotdog? My thought, none. Until I met this freakin' Pepin & Malloy. Never thought I would like a hotdog this much, but I do and currently craving it as I typed. 

Unfortunately for me, Peppin & Malloy located at an unfriendly location, Cilandak Town Square. The place is not big but comfortable. They did a good job in making the small space not really matters with the oh so artsy tiles (yes, I have this thing with pretty tiles), the fun murals and semi industrial look at the ceiling and some part of the walls. 

The service is semi self service, we go to the cashier, order and pay and the waiter will send it to our table. They also have burgers but we both chose to have hotdogs. Out of the 8 options, we landed our choice on the Philly Dog (65k) and Chilli Dog (50k).

Philly Dog (Beef hotdog with Philly cheese steak) 

The Philly Dog, trust me, so goood! The bun was soft with juicy hotdog and generous beef on top. It was really yum! I didn't try the Chilli Dog as they pour cream cheese all over the top, but Hubs said it was okay but not as okay as the Philly. We can choose to have it ala carte or add an extra 25k for fries and drinks. I recommend you to take the set as the fries is just too good to be passed. Looking forward to the next week long weekend to have my second visit.

Chilli Dog (beef hotdog topped with chilli, cheese sauce and chopped onions).

To all the people behind Pepin & Malloy, if by any chance you read this, I wish you a ton of success so that you'll be opening your second outlet, somewhere friendlier location, soon! 

Pepin & Malloy
Cilandak Town Square 2nd flr
(Next to Go! Curry)
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav. 17
South Jakarta

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