Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The moment I saw those kawaii panda pictures posted on my foodie friends, Hans & Julia's instagrams, my thought was "okay another one at PIK soon to be spotted with long queue". It's not a secret that Pantai Indah Kapuk are filled with those trending hipster cafes with cuteness overload and instagram worthy kind of food.

I must admit though, putting away all the skeptical thoughts, Itadakimasu does has these attractive points. The teddy murals for one, are sooo adorably cute! Ask to sit upstairs as it's cuter than the first floor. The painting Teddys are definitely main attraction on the overall interior. 

This one is my favorite! 

The people behind Itadakimasu indeed are creative to put these kawaii stuffs into reality, especially nowadays where to some people, cute instagenic food are more important than the taste itself.

The menu is Japanese fusion and most of them comes with cute kawaii plating. I only ordered one menu that comes with cutie looks but you can check the others on their instagram page.
The most popular ordered by almost every table during our visit was, the Starving Panda (49k). By every table, mine included.

As expected, super cute looks, so so taste. The curry sauce was actually pretty good. Light and flavored right, the breaded katsu was fried well and not oily at all. The panda rice, on the other hand was awful. Unlike Japanese rise, these were hard and rough. I ended only took a bite on the rice and leave the other four untouched.

The Gyu Tan Don (48k) was decent. We can choose the level of spiciness from 1 to 3. We chose 3 and it wasn't even spicy. The beef was well marinated, tender and the rice texture was good, not as hard and rough as the panda rice. 

Sushi Buritto at Pacific Place is one of my favorite new comer in 2015, so when I saw Itadakimasu also have one of those hand roll sushi, I was excited to try their version of Spicy salmon roll (40k). The sushi hand roll comes with salmon and broiled crab stick with spicy mayo. You can ask them to cut it in pieces if you want to have it for share. I'm glad they were not being stingy on the ingredients. The sushi rice texture was good and the spicy mayo well balancing the whole flavor.

Moving on to the beverage, I find my Orange yakult (24k) to be balanced on the fruit & yakult and not overly sweet. Satisfying enough that I had two rounds of this for myself. My friends' Green tea latte (20k) according to her was also good. Not too thick and milky yet the matcha wasn't under powering.

We loved the Coconut Island (39k). It comes with coconut pudding, ice cream, longan, nata de coco and ogura. The ice cream has with choices of cookies & cream, cream cheese and hazelnut . We chose cookies & cream and it was a good choice. The pudding was silky smooth, the ogura has this perfect balance of sweetness, it was yum. 

To be completely honest, I would say if I do come back, I'd probably stick to only ordering the drinks and dessert which I personally feel worth the money spent rather than the main course. Nevertheless, judging by the kawaii interior and menu, for sure it is that Itadakimasu will do quite well. The best of luck! 

Ruko Elang Laut Blok D No. 57
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +628196003232
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm
IG: @itadakimasu_id
Price range: 14k - 75k 

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