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As we're saying our bye to Publico, say hi to Ms. Choo, the hottest woman at Senopati right now. I'm not 100% sure that Publico will be closed for good or relocated, but at the moment, Ms. Choo has taking over it place.

Still under the same group and owner, Ms. Choo is a newly opened restaurant with Pan Asian menu. I personally think it's a great idea that the group decided to change the former into this new one. If you've never been to Publico before they were closed, they served American western style menu which typically found almost at all cafes and restaurants in Senopati. The group behind them think the menu is too mainstream so they decided to change the whole concept into more of an Asian style.

Think of Mama San in Bali or E&O and you're halfway there.

Design wise, nothing much changed except the branding signage and some of the tableware. The interior still feels Publico here and there which is good, as I always think Publico has one of the best interior around the neighborhood.

I was here as one of the invitee on their food tasting event, and boy aren't they generous! It was a super huge feast with over 20 menus being served. We tried some of their mocktails & cocktails and my personal favorite would go to the Sour Plum. I have always love sour drinks and theirs was refreshingly sour.

Sparkling Sour Plum (35k)
Sour plum, calamansi, mint and soda

Soymilk Pandan Grass Jelly (35k)
Soy milk, pandan leaves, grass jelly and palm sugar

White Empress (65k)
Gin, lychee liquor, rose petal syrup, egg whites and lychee juice

Pink Blossom (75k)
Gin, raspberry, yogurt milk and lemon juice

Iced Kopi Cham 
Thai Tea, espresso coffee shot and simple syrup

Lemonade Coke Mint Soda (35k)
Coke soda, lemonade and lemon slice

Now, food zone! We have 4 starters to start with.

Charcoal Oven Barbeque Pork "Mu Yang" with Nam Jim Jaew dipping sauce (48k)

This one was my favorite, not just among the starters but among all on the table that night. The Mu Yang was just excellent. Juicy, tender, succulent pork with tangy dipping sauce. Recommended!

Szechuan Chilli Salt School Prawns with Shrimp Paste Chilli and Sriracha Coriander Aioli (48k)

This one comes as a good snacks. Instead of chips or fries, this crispy prawns was a great companion while waiting for the food served. Comes with two types of dipping sauce, I prefer the shrimp paste chilli as it has stronger bold flavor to go with the shrimp.

Crispy dry Tom Yum Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab (48k)

Deep Fried Prawn and Almond Ball with Sriracha Coriander Aioli (48k)

Juicy bouncy prawn balls covered with roasted almond. Had no complain on this one. I have no comment on the soft shell crab as I didn't try one.

For the salad, Soft shell crab pomelo with cashew and green mango salad with nuoc cham dressing (55k) and Crispy Barramundi and mango apple mint salad with green nam jim dressing (58k) were both fresh and tangy. Suitable companion to go with warm Jasmine rice.

After satisfying starters, we moved on to over ten entrees. I still can't believe how our tummy managed to eat all the food. No, we did not finish them. 

Twice Cooked Beef Short Ribs with Coriander Nam Prik Pla (95k)

It's amazing how they cooked the ribs to be that soft but not mushy. It just melted in your mouth and the dipping Nam prik pla was tangy and sour, goes well with the ribs.

Crispy Barramundi Fillet with Choo Chee Curry and Kafir Lime Leaf (85k)

Well cooked barramundi fillet. Love the thick yet light curry! Another dish that goes well with the Jasmine rice.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab Yellow Curry and Kaffir Lime Leaves (78k)

Not my favorite. I felt the yellow curry was too salty, but I guess it's all back to personal tolerance level on saltiness as my other foodie friends seem to think the saltiness was just right.

Grilled Dry Spice Ribeye Beef Fillet with Nam Jim Jaew (98k)

Okay, another favorite. The rib eye was so tenderly good and I love how all the dishes come with compatible dipping sauce that was well balanced with the meat. 

Crispy Twice Cooked Pork Belly with Caramel Tamarind Glaze and Nam Prik Pla (95k)

The pork belly was actually the one caught my attention the most that night over the tempting mouthwatering look, unfortunately I felt it was a bit too fatty that instead of juicy and tender, some part tasted too mushy for me. Beautiful flavoring, though. 

Stir Fried Prawns Pad Prik King with Red Curry Paste Kaffir Lime and Green Beans (65k)

Charcoal Grilled Lemongrass Pork Chop with "Matah" Chilli Relish (95k)

Another mouthwatering looks but I find the pork chop was a bit too dry for my liking.

Roasted Seabass Fillet with Coconut Red Curry Thai Basil Lime in Banana Leaves (85k)

Great seabass. Super soft melted in your mouth type of fish. Lovely aromatic basil lime and coconut red curry.

Stir Fried Clams Nam Prik Pao and Thai Basil (65k)

Nicely cooked on the clams and good seasonings. Seeing from the types of F&B they served, I feel Ms. Choo is a great place for both family dinner or with friends.

Crispy Pork Hock on the Bone with Tamarind Sauce and Nam Nim Jaew (280k)

HUGE, huh? The pork hock is meant for 3-4 persons sharing and we can ask them to chop it up for easier sharing. As for the taste? YUM. Crispy on the skin, tender on the meat. Just perfect. 

Pad Kee Mao Spicy Rice Noodle with Prawn Bean Sprouts, Chinese Broccoli and Basil (60k)

Another personal favorite. As simple as this rice noodle might looks, it was cooked brilliantly. The flavor was just spot on. The prawn was fresh and nicely cooked. I could finish this all by my self. 

I was practically bloated by the time we finished the entrees, but you know what they said... There's always room for desserts. When you dine at Ms. Choo, make sure to have some space for their desserts as they were all so good. 

Fried Hazelnut Nutella Sesame Balls with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (40k)

We've seen sesame balls with red beans and salted egg yolk fillings. Now, Ms.Choo takes the bar higher with Nutella hazelnut filling. Nutella never wrong and theirs was so good! The nutella was generous and warm, blended so perfect with the crunchy crisp sesame balls. Must order!

Vanilla Pandan Panacotta with Salted Gula Malaka and Coconut Chantily (40k)

Though I love the nutella sesame balls very much, but if I have to pick my favorite dessert that night, it would be this. I'm not really a fan of panacotta but theirs was excellent. I always love traditional dessert more than modern sophisticated one, and their version of Vanilla pandan panacotta tasted like Es Dawet in a very good way. Love the salted gula malaka!

Deep Fried Chinese Doughnut and Varlhona Pandan Custard (35k)

I didn't really like this one. I find the Chinese Doughnut doesn't really go well with the pandan custard.
Varlhona Mint Chocolate Mars Bar Peanuts with Salted Caramel Sauce (48k) 

If you've been to Publico before, you'd know this is their signature dessert and Ms. Choo keeps it with some modification. Instead of chocolate now they used mint for the inside and it was so much better. It gave this minty sensation so we don't feel overwhelmed with all the chocolate taste. 

The bottom line is I had a great time at Ms. Choo. A splendid evening with great food and ambiance. I personally feel the price range is quite affordable since each portion is quite big. Finally, a not so common restaurant at Senopati with non mainstream types of food. So, ready for a date with Ms. Choo? 

Jl. Senopati No. 25 
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 52964961
IG: @mschoobrasserie

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