Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cafetaria Tanjung Duren Jakarta

If South has Senopati, North has PIK, then West has Tanjung Duren for its F&B heaven. Joining the euphoria of new cafes popping up every month, let's welcome Cafetaria. 

Aside from its troublesome in finding parking spots, Cafetaria is a sort of place you can't hate. Its minimalistic approach on the interior with all white and natural wood on the furniture, its comfort hearty menu with food that can't go wrong like burger and pasta.

With the advantage of a very strategic location, especially for the college students seeing there are three universities surrounding them, Cafetaria by Mono is an all day cafe and study lounge.  A part of me feels this cafe is a match made in heaven for college kids with the super affordable price range, the minutes away from campus location and the fact they provide an hourly rented study lounge. 

The study lounge is a cozy space on their third floor with internet speed 4x faster than the two floors below. You and your friends can study here with only 20k charge per hour (lower price might apply if you booked more hours).

The comfortable study lounge

As soon as we opened the menu, my eyes were locked at the tempting look of what happened to be their specialty, Spicy spaghetti meatball (45k). The thing with having these kinds of meatballs is somewhat tricky, you have to be very good in cooking them so they won't become soft and mushy. As I cut the meatball, I was relieved with the bounciness and gladly find its juiciness. Thank God it was not those kinds of mushy floury meatballs. 

Since I don't do dairy, my kind of pasta sauce has always been either Aglio Olio or Bolognese. I find their bolognese sauce to be alright, I'm not sure if they use homemade fresh sauce or the bottle kinds one, but it tasted fresh and I liked how they twisted it with chopped of chillies together in the sauce. 

Sadly my bestie find her Spaghetti carbonara (45k) to be excellent in the creaminess but lack of flavor. Portion wise is more than enough and we liked the extra touch of those crispy baguettes.

If you kind enough to pay attention, almost all my food posts never comes with drink reviews. The reason is because I always have either mineral water or a plain iced tea to go with my meal. I never am a sweet tooth who can have sweet drinks with my food,not even the so called flavored iced tea with strawberry, passion fruit or lychee, but an exception was made here. 

Anyone who comes to Cafetaria, make sure you have one of this...  
Their version of Milo Godzilla (50k) is way too good to be passed. It's a one litre of Milo drink with lots of Milo powder poured on the top. Served in a huge glass, it was to die for. I have always been a fan of Milo and theirs was just yum! It was thick not in sort of creamy way, and the fact they are so generous with the milo powder just makes it better. 

Cafetaria by Mono 
Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya No. 1C 
(Next to Family Mart and Kungfu Tea)
West Jakarta
Ph. +6221 98985764
Opening hours: Daily 8am - 12mid 
IG: @cafetaria.jkt
Price range: Below 100k

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