Saturday, May 23, 2015

MOI Bistro Gunawarman Jakarta

It's not a common sight to find a rather petite humble eatery at Senopati area. Most of the diners there usually are big houses turned into a stylish pretty cafes or restaurants. I was having some things to do around the neighborhood when I realized I haven't had my lunch. Being not dressing up and not really into dining alone in that sort of hipster places, MOI Bistro caught my attention. 

MOI Bistro is a petite cafe located not too far from Le Cafe Gourmand and Woot Coffee at Gunawarman street. The parking space is dreadful, limited with no valet service. By its name, you probably guess it serves French cuisine. They are, sort of. 

As I walked inside, I was quite surprise to find the place was packed. It really is a humble diner. Though they make some effort with the painted mural walls and the art deco flooring tiles, the place still less stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Put it this way, the exterior is better looking than the inside. 

I chose to have the Banh mi and duck confit to taste both of their Vietnamese and French cuisine. Don't worry, I ended having the Banh mi to go. I chose Roasted lemongrass chicken (45k) for the Banh mi and it stay crisp when I have it back at home. The chicken was nice, tender and wasn't hard to chew, though I didn't really like the hint of veggie smells they used. Bahn Mi is something I eat quite often, my choice has always been the Lemongrass chicken from Cali Deli and it was very good. MOI Bistro's version tasted different in not a good way. 

The Duck Confit with oriental vegetables (90k) is a classic French recipe of duck leg served with potato gratin and red wine sauce. The duck was tenderly cooked, my knife cuts the meat just like butter. The red wine sauce was kinda unnecessary, I prefer to dip it with the good old chilli sauce.

Though the place looks pretty humble, they do serve quite selection of wines. If you are in the neighborhood and not looking to dine in any fancy place, Moi Bistro could be a decent choice. 

Jl. Gunawarman No. 71
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
IG: @moi_bistro
Price range: 45k - 380k

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