Thursday, May 7, 2015

Warung Nyoman Gading Serpong

If there is one thing I miss the most from Bali, it would be the local food, especially the mighty delicious Nasi Babi Guling. When I saw Jen's blog on this authentic balinese food, I simply can't wait to try. 

Couple days ago, I finally went to Serpong with two goals. The hipster coffee shop, Turning Point and Warung Nyoman. Luckily thanks to Mr. Google Maps, we didn't find any difficulties in finding the place.

Warung Nyoman located at Ruko Jasmine along Boulevard Gading Serpong. It's not hard to find, just look for Ace Hardware across Summarecon Mall Serpong and turn left, go straight then make a u-turn and Warung Nyoman would be on your left. 

The place is just a humble eatery with no special design. The place has just opened for two months and focus on bringing authentic Balinese food. Hubs and I each have the Nasi Campur Babi (30k) and Nasi Campur Komplit (35k). The only difference is the complete one comes with both chicken and pork. 

Nasi campur babi (30k)

Nasi Campur Komplit (35k)

I would say the dish was pretty good. It didn't cure my cravings of suckling pig, but it certainly quite a treat for a local Balinese food. We especially liked the chilli (both terasi and matah).

I do like the fact how the friendly owner told us that she and her family are still the ones who cook the dishes to maintain the overall consistency. If you happen to live or pass by Serpong, Warung Nyoman is worth the try. 

Warung Nyoman
Ruko Jasmine Blok H4 No. 10
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong
Serpong Utara, Tangerang
Ph. +6285959598709
Opening hours: 10am - 7pm


Hendrayatna Tafianoto said...

Kalau sempet ke situ lagi, cobain deh sate lilit tenggirinya. Ga akan nyesel. I can't elaborate more without using superlatives, so it's best to let you be the judge.

Ivy said...

Ah okay, sate tenggiri. Noted for next visit, thanks!!