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If you love pork, Warung Ce is definitely your place. It's a humble eatery serving homemade food with focus on Sei Babi and all about pork. Sei pork is a traditional smoked pork originated from Kupang, the cooking process is not by grill or fried, but by smoking it until the aroma comes out and ready to be served. 

Warung Ce is located along the evolving Ruko Sixth Avenue at Citra 6. It's not hard to find, just look for Indomaret and they are just next to them. 

Their affordable and delicious approach on home cooked food had brought me there twice before this post was posted. We tried almost everything on the menu and loving them. It was these kind of food your parents cook for you. Humble, yet delicious. Everything was cooked right and seasoned well. 

Fried Pork (35k)
Our favorite! It was very well fried, wasn't oily at all yet the meat was juicy, tender and not dry. The only thing I don't like is how they are not being consistent on the skin. My second visit, I noticed the skin was quite hairy which totally threw me off and I cut off the skin part, while it's obviously pork's best part, but I couldn't eat it after looking at those gross hair. I did mention this to the owner and I hope they'll pay extra attention on this.
Sei Daging (35k)
This is their specialty. It was good and tender as well, but personally for us, we love our pork either fried or grilled better than smoked. 

Sei Bunga Pepaya (25k)
Love! The Bunga Pepaya was cooked right. It was not as bitter as I thought it would be and compliment well with the meat. 

Sop Kacang Merah (Red bean soup) 30k
Ok must order! We actually wanted the Sop Bungkang which according to the owner is this spicy sour soup, but it was sold out on both visits so we settled with their red bean soup and it was so hearty comforting good. Just like the kind of soup my mom used to make. For 30k, it was super generous as it wasn't only carrots and red beans, it came with three pieces of chunky meats too.

Babi Panggang (Grilled Pork) 27k
All the meats' portion comes with papaya leaves on the side and homemade chilli. The chilli was daily made and fresh, you can see from the fresh orange-ish color. The steamed papaya leaves makes a perfect companion for the pork. 

Iga Babi Special (Pork ribs) 35k
Another satisfying dish. The ribs were nicely fried, again not oily at all and it was so tender. Simply love it. 
We also had their Pork Satay (30k) which I forgot to take a picture, it was also good, comes in 5 pcs of big chunky skewers, the only downside for me was the sauce they used for the satay was too dense and sweet. 

If you are in the neighborhood, or even if you're not, a visit to Warung Ce is worth the trip. Just make sure you have enough space on your tummy for all that yummy pork. 

Ps. They will open their second outlet at Gading Serpong in the beginning of June.

Citra Garden 6, Sixth Avenue JA5/ 7
Ph. +6221 29030044/ +628179934555
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am - 10pm, Mon 5pm - 10pm
IG: @warung_ce

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