Monday, May 18, 2015

Breakfast At Cayenne Kemang Jakarta

Despite the traffic and the 62.9km away from where I stay, Kemang has always been the place I like to go from time to time. I love the neighborhood and the idea of how quite many cafes at Kemang open early from 7-8am. At North, the only place opens that early is noodle shops, so when I don't feel that Chinese, I like to go to Kemang for their American breakfast.

Breakfast at Cayenne might be new, but people who are familiar with Cayenne living home ware won't find any trouble in locating them as it connected just next to the huge store. They took a petite homey space besides the furniture store, filled with coffee, home baked cakes and some breakfast menu.

One of Cayenne home's most featured products are their art deco tiles. Out of questions why they have the pretty tiles as part of their exterior.
The inside wasn't spacious, but felt homey with the smell of baked cakes and fresh coffee. I didn't take any decent pictures of the interior, I never feel comfortable in taking too many pictures if I saw the place filled with customers.

So, I'm gonna start by saying how good their Pineapple cake (25k) is. It was very moist, soft and so good. I would not mind to drive back just for a piece of that cake. A proof of how we shouldn't judge from its appearance.

The Flu Buster juice (38k) despite the tiny glass they used, was a good company for me that morning. The blend of orange, carrot, apple with a hint of ginger was refreshing. Fresh juice, never fails. 

At last, my breakfast came after quite some minutes. They need to do some improvement on the food serving time. Anyway, my Salmon cakes with lemon aioli (70k) is one of their popular choice besides the Mie Ayam Jamur. The salmon cakes topped with poached egg with hollandaise sauce and mixed green salad was surprisingly better than expected. The poached egg was perfectly cooked with runny egg yolk, the hollandaise sauce has this good texture, not too thick yet dense enough. 

Though the salmon cakes was supposed to be the star of the plate, I find it to be a bit lack of flavor and I had to use chilli sauce to bring up the flavor. The salad with the lemon dressing was particularly my favorite. Fresh salad with zesty dressings. 

Since I've been eye-ing a certain couch on their furniture store to put on my porch once my home is ready, I guess my visit to this petite cafe won't stop here. 

Thank you for reading and I wish you all a beautiful week ahead!

Jl. Kemang Selatan VIII Blok C2 
Kemang, South Jakarta 
Ph. +6221 71770105
Opening hours: 7am - 6pm (Closed on Sun)
IG: @breakfastatcayenne
Directions: At the red light with Koi at your right, turn right and follow the road, you would see Cayenne at your left.

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