Sunday, April 12, 2015


Just when I thought nothing in Kemang really excites me to drive all the way there, I bumped into Komunal 88. I am confident to say, once you here, it won't stop at only one visit. At least for me, on this 2015, this place by far is one impresses me the most.

Komunal 88 is a cafe market located at the neighborhood of Kemang. The place has open for two months but I just got to know it when I passed by the place few days ago after my lunch at Pastificio K. Since I was alone and I couldn't handle another meal, I decided to come back another day. 

So yesterday before I'm about to meet my girls over lunch at Plaza Indonesia, I made an impromptu morning trip to Komunal 88 for a solo brunch. Oh, btw since we're on the topic of eating alone, it still puzzles me how my friends think that I'm weird just because I could and actually enjoy eating out alone. I do aware for some people, its not really a fun thing to do and they would prefer to have it to go rather than eating alone in a restaurant. I don't do it everyday, but from time to time, I do like going out alone and have my solo meals. I enjoy the solitude over a good lunch and accompanied with a good book. Do you know there's actually a terms for people who go out alone to a restaurant or movie? It's masturdating. It's crazy. I mean, what's so weird about people eating alone? Let alone for some people could actually think that people who "masturdating" are those who single and have no friends. Helloooo?!! I'm taken and have lots of friends, but I still need my me time and having solo meals is one of my way.

Anyway, I went ahead to have my brunch here as I know the place start their business from 7am. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Komunal 88 is just the kind of place you would instantly love. The place is nothing like the rest of cafes in town. Though there are many places nowadays applies industrial concepts, Komunal 88's is different. I adore the ceiling to floor glass windows. I always love the concept of glass house look a like. I feel it induce an outdoor feel while updating the interiors with natural ambiance. I can't really describe it, but you'll sense a different vibe once you're there. 

Through the name, the owner who is French with its Italian chef was hoping Komunal would be a place shared and belong to people in the community, unites the food enthusiast over good and fresh food in a nice dining ambiance. I would say they nailed the mission. 

They have a pastry shelf with fresh baked breads and cakes, all own kitchen made, all daily baked. Croissant, Madeleine, Financier, Quiche, Baguette also several options of cakes and pies. 

On the menu, you will find brunch menu with lots of eggs options, salads, sandwiches and also Italian menu with mostly risotto. They are also being very serious on the coffee and tea selections. Since I am a tea kind of gal, I was delighted to see their serious take on tea. They have teas from China, Japan, Ceylon, India, Egypt, let along some of the teas selected by Betjeman & Barton. I tried their Ceylon tea, St. James Fannings (25k) and it was calming good. 

So I had their Komunal 88 egg (75k), it's a plate of a poached egg put on a crown of crispy parma ham and garlic sauteed mushrooms, and served with assorted homemade butters. They were yum. The poached egg was perfect but what I love the most was the parma ham, it was excellent, super crisp and the seasonings was just right. Portion wise honestly was not big but it's okay, it gives me an excuse to order a dessert.

I chose the Lemon meringue pie (22k) to end my brunch simply for its astonishing look. It was such a beautiful meringue pie and I love its taste. The acidity of lemon they use was on the right amount, it brings out the sourness on top of the crunchy pie. For only 22k, it's definitely a steal. 

I know it's a quite long post, but I do that sometimes when I'm excited about something and this place deserves it. Looking forward to my next visit. Meanwhile, urging you to give yourself a Komunal 88 treat. Hopefully you'll love them as much as I do. 

Thank you for reading! 

Komunal 88
Ampera Six Building
Jl. Ampera Raya No. 6
Kemang, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 7197000
Opening hours: 7am - 10pm


ananda rizky said...

YES! I love watching movies with my own self. It began when a friend of mine couldnt make her promise due to sudden meeting. I already bought a ticket for me and it turns out i actually enjoyed it. So from that exact moment, i always have a me time or "masturdating" every single month. This place interest me. Definitely gonna check it out this weekend!

Ivy said...

An occasional masturdate is important!