Sunday, February 21, 2016


With so many new restaurants opened up with mostly Western food, it always good to see slightly change of view. In this case, Indonesian food at SoulFood Kemang. I know them the first time during their #popuplesehan some time ago at one of the bazaar in town. They haven't had a physical store back then. 

Their store at Kemang is located near Koi Kemang so it wasn't hard to find. The place is a small ruko furnished in an old school tempo doeloe kind of style with all the antiques. To bring the concept of their #popouplesehan, they provide the lesehan seatingas well. Though I'm glad they also have the normal seating, personally, I'm not someone who likes to be bare foot in public, and honestly, I don't like to see one either, especially when I'm having my meal.

The system is semi fast food where all the menu are precooked. Customer can choose to order it on the table or at the food display rack. Their popular and easily sold out one is the Kembulan platter (175k). It's basically a set of rice with various toppings served for two persons. FYI, The platter comes with different kind of rice and toppings for each lunch and dinner time. So, if you come during lunch time, you won't be able to order the one available only at dinner. I happened to have visited the place twice, lunch and dinner time, so keep on reading to see the difference on the two platters and which one I prefer better. 

Nasi cumi item & Nasi merah bilis, Ayam gejrot kecombrang, Daging suwir kemangi, Tempe abon jambal, Tumis pancawarna, Sambel kedondong, Acar nanas kecombrang. 

Nasi kuning gurih ayam & Nasi merah bilis, Ayam bumbu rujak honje, Telur kembung, Tumis kecipir, Sambel kedondong, Acar nanas kecombrang.

The rice comes in two choices, but you can opt to choose only one, so we skipped the Nasi merah bilis. So, comparing the lunch and dinner platter, personally I like both of the rice. I feel the yellow rice was fragrant, flavorful and moist but slightly oily. While the squid ink rice was a bit dry, but has the same good flavor. As for the toppings, the dinner one topped the lunch, without doubt. Honestly, I feel the price was a bit too much. Well yeah the rice was more than enough to serve up to three persons, but not with the toppings. Contrary to what seen, it was actually not that many to share among two, let alone three. But since the flavors were good and nicely cooked, money well spent. 

After all, Soul Food is a good addition in Kemang. I'm happy to know that I have another good place to go when I crave for authentic Indonesian food. 

Thank you for reading! :)

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 72
South Jakarta 
Ph. +6221 22707049
Price range: 25k - 175k 

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