Friday, March 4, 2016


Although I'm not a coffee person, it is still exciting to see more and more coffee shops opened around my neighborhood. Especially the one that non coffee person could also enjoy, something like this. 

Ottoman's Coffee Brewers comes with interesting breakfast menu or if you prefer the trending word at the moment, we can call it brunch instead of breakfast. But before I get into that, I want to talk about their facad/ interior which was the first thing got me intrigued to enter the place. I love the sky blue color, makes them different than others which normally comes with black to get that monochromatic feels. I never thought blue actually looks good pairing with natural wood color.

The interior itself is minimalist industrial. The only downside for me personally (beside their limited parking space) is I find the chairs to be a bit not comfy to sit for a long time. Back pain. I hate chairs with no backrest. My bestie jokes that it was indeed their plan, so people won't be sitting and taking advantage of the free wifi too long. LOL.

Back to the menu, as always I'm not going to talk on the coffee, but they use common grounds for the coffee beans. I love love the fact how coffee shop nowadays had come with more and more choices besides coffee, in Ottoman's case, we have the cold pressed juices selections to talk about. Comes in a pretty bottle packaging that instantly win me over. Yes, I'm the person willing to pay for pretty packaging. Mama needs her eyes pampered too.

At the moment, they have four kinds of cold pressed, which I'm sorry to forget on taking notes. I chose the orange one with combination of orange, carrot and... Err? Lemon? Couldn't remember. But it was good, very fresh and I could taste the difference that they don't put (or at least, too much) water inside. It was quite thick and fruity. Each one is priced at 45k/ bottle.

The breakfast menu includes the classic eggs benedict, croque madame, and granola smoothie bowl for healthier option. I also saw several cakes and breads on the display. 
My bestie and I each settled for their Croque Madame (60k) and Granola smoothie bowl (65k). During my visit, there's free hot coffee for each breakfast menu ordered. That explains the hot latte we had. 

I would say the food wasn't disappointing. The smoothie bowl as predicted was fresh and tasty with crunchy granola, kiwi, bananas and coconut flakes. The croque madame wasn't bad either. The panini was soft and fluffy with bacon, mushroom and sunny side up. Quite fulfilling portion as well.

Since the traffic to South now is getting more and more pain in the ass, Pluit-ers, let's cheers to (hopefully) more exciting food scenes in the neighborhood to come.

Thank you for reading! 

Ottoman's Coffee Brewers
Pluit Karang Utara No. 119
(Across Bapau A1 or Bank Danamon)
North Jakarta
Opening hours:
Mon - Thu 8am - 6pm
Fri - Sun 8am - 8pm

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