Saturday, March 5, 2016


When it comes to listing a good let alone consistent cafe in Jakarta, I am positive that anyone who had been to Union would agree that they are in the top list. Since its opening till date, I am impressed on how consistent they are on keeping the food quality and taste, many arguably find hard to achieve. The success of Union can't be separated from the genius behind, Chef Adhika Maxi and Chef Karen Carlotta.

Thus, when AMKC Atelier, owned by the dynamic duo chefs, opened at Plaza Indonesia, I was thrilled. It started as AMKC (referring to their names) private dining before turns to permanent restaurant. Taking the previous location of Bakerz In, the place was designed in a very minimalist classy way, suit along with their inspired French cuisine.


The menu was still very limited, especially for me who at the moment, is in a position of so many food restrictions, I find their limited menu to be even more limited for me. I was initially hooked at the sea urchin pasta, but since I'm not sure if I'm allowed to have fresh sea urchin, I chose to skip it and went with their Fillet Mignon (280k), in a well done temperature. I was afraid that the meat would be too dry, but they did it just right. Even at well done temperature, the meat didn't lose its juiciness. The flavor was good, as so the sauteed mushroom and the mashed potatoes.

My bestie chose to have their Spicy shrimp spaghetti (110k). Cooked in lobster oil, the pasta was so good! The flavor was spot on, right amount of seasoning with fresh generous shrimps. My only problem is we find the portion to be quite small, even for us girls.

Now, moving on to dessert...

When it comes to Chef Karen Carlotta, who could resist her cakes' creation? Taking whole different flavors from the well known Union's cakes, they have several unique and out of the box flavors, some which representing their love of Indonesian food, our very own local proudness, Martabak and Es Teler, magically made into cakes!

I must admit, I do have high expectation on the cakes, but never thought that I could actually lovin' the Es Teler cake a bit way too much. It was so good. No, too good! The pandan soonge cake was so light, fluffy and not to mention, super fragrant with layers of toppings, wait for it, exactly what you can find inside Es Teler. The avocado custard, particularly addictive. 

Too bad I can't really say the same thing for the Martabak cake. I find the cake a bit dry and let's just say my palate didn't really go well with the topping layers, even though it replicates the exact ingredients of Martabak, chocolate sprinkles, peanuts and cheese.

I do hope they will have wider menu for the main courses soon, because as satisfying as my dinner was, I haven't see more appealing reason to come back except for the cakes, which I will, soon!

Thank you for always feeding us well, Chefs! :) 

As always, thank you for reading, you.

AMKC Atelier 
Plaza Indonesia 1st Floor
(Across Society)
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1
IG: @amkcatelier

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