Saturday, April 16, 2016

3 Days Juice Detox With Cold Press Indonesia

I have been wanting to do a juice cleanse since forever. I have once, but only a day and being a food enthusiast that worship food, never had crossed my mind that I'd be able to do a 3 days juice detox. The thoughts of having only liquid for three whole days was just impossible. But that was then.

As some of you might know, for the last 4 - 5 months, I have been cutting back on my food hunting days. I still go out and eat, especially on weekends, but on daily, I mostly eat clean with home cooked food or healthy catering. So, I thought now is the right time I give that 3 days juice detox a try.

People have their own reasons for detoxing, mine as probably many others is...

Those eight listed above are personally what my body is facing and lacked of. Number 6 probably not a common motivation for others, but I have been suffering from Psoriasis for nine years, and though I know Psoriasis can't be cured, but I do hope that from time to time, it won't relapse as frequent as now,  if I can commit to making this detox cleanse as a habit. 

*Psoriasis is a skin disease marked by red, itchy and scaly patches. 

Why you should choose Cold Press Indonesia? 
1. The brand guarantees only natural ingredients packed with no preservatives, no added sugar, no added water and no coloring. 

2. Personally I love how efficiency and thoughtful they are for having each bottles numbered so no confusion on which one to consume first. 
3. The natural ingredients are listed on the bottle for efficiency. 

4. The juices are fresh, tasty and packed with 100% nutrients and the volume is 500ml, more than enough to avoid hunger pangs. 

5. Reliable and fast service. For my three days detox, the delivery was done twice to ensure the freshness quality.  
So, without further ado... This is what my 3 days detox look like. They have 5 kinds of cleanse program to choose from; power cleanse, skin glow & weight maintenance, classic, anti ageing and vitality. Each is designed to what you need at the moment. Click here for more info of which program to choose. 

3 Days Juice Detox - Skin Glow & Weight Maintenance

I wouldn't say the 3 days cleanse is easy, obviously there were cravings for solid food, but if you could overcome the cravings, you could survive the 3 days as the 6 bottles for one day is more than enough. I even left out two bottles on my second day since I felt too full to finish all six. 

Anyway, I wrote this post one day after I finished my detox. I might not see any prompt visibly results because detox just doesn't works that way, the result is more noticeably in long term. However, one thing I do notice soon is brighter complexion, a flatter tummy and 1,8kgs weight loss. Something always be happy about. :)

If you're still not really sure on detoxifying, you could try their daily juice first. Comes with six healthy flavors in 250ml volume. Good enough for your daily vitamins.  

Veggie Rhapsody, Freshen Up, Berry Hunter, Tropical Greens, Beet Harvest, Wintermelon Orange Twist.

Now the question is, would I trust Cold Press Indonesia for my upcoming juice detox? 100% yes. 

For further info and order details: 
IG: @coldpressid

Thank you for reading!

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