Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The first time I noticed Ruth's Chris will be opened here was on February when I went to Raffles hotel for my birthday brunch. Ruth's Chris is located on the lobby floor of Somerset which I had to pass by on our way to Raffles, and I quietly marked the place in mind (since it wasn't yet opening that time). We were supposeably planning to have our Valentine lunch here, yet they were fully booked the whole day, so I kinda forget about the place until few weeks ago when Hubs initiated the idea. 

Talking about the design wise, their exterior and logo, honestly don't come with expensive look, but the interior, pricing and service surely put Ruth's Chris into a fine dining category. The inside wasn't really spacious. They have these alleys that makes the room becomes smaller. Classic elegance really is their thing. I only take one view shot of their interior, as I mentioned over and over, though it's a common sight nowadays to take pictures before eat, still, I feel awkward to take too many shots.

Before our visit, I have made peace with my self that I can't order their beef steak since I'm not allowed to take on raw food at the moment, and having that kind of price steak at well done temperature is just stupid. I cheered my self up over their Sizzling crab cakes (230k) and the Barbecued shrimp (410k), while envying Hubs on his Rib Eye (650k)

It breaks my heart a little that I actually did some cheating by having this barbecued shrimp, I'm not even suppose to have shrimp, our doctor advised me to take limited on my seafood intake. But what to do? The choice were only beef steak on medium, which is strictly no or this shrimp. Well, yeah I can go for the chicken steak, but come on, who eats chicken in a steak house? I, personally mostly only go for chicken steak when I'm on diet. 

My mind was like, Shrimp, you better be worth my cheat. And thankfully, it so was! They were beautifully executed. Fresh, crisp, flavorful. And the fact that I haven't been consuming shrimp on the past 3-4 months makes it even better. Seriously, if you love seafood, you have to try their Barbecued shrimp. Cheating damn worth it.

Barbecued Shrimp IDR 410.000,-

However... yes, there's a but, they presented the shrimps on top of their signature white wine, butter and garlic spices cream sauce and mashed potatoes. To me personally, I don't really like the sauce, it makes the dish overall becoming too heavy and wet. I ended separated the shrimps into a whole new plate so they aren't too drenched in sauces. I also find the portion was way too big, before I went here, I have peeked several Ruth's Chris' blog reviews, and I saw on their blogs that the barbecued shrimp only comes in 4 pcs, turns out the 4 pieces one is the one at appetizer menu (without mashed potatoes), while I went for the main course one and they come with 10 pieces of shrimps. Though they were a great shrimps, I still find it too much, especially since Hubs is allergic to shrimp, so I have to finish them all by my self.

The crab cake is my sole purpose here, I haven't find any crab cakes that purely crab meat. Most crab cakes are fried with flour and comes with little crab meat only. At Ruth's Chris, expect to have a moist and juicy lump crab cakes. The texture was excellent, too bad it was slightly too salty. But still, it is one appetizer not to be missed out. 

Sizzling Blue Crab Cakes IDR 230.000,-
All main courses at Ruth's Chris do not come with complimentary side dishes. We were hesitated to order additional sides, but ended having one. Hubs has this weird thinking that having steaks aren't complete without at least one side dish. *rolling eyes*. So we had their 12 ounce Rib Eye with the sides of Julienne fries (110k)

Rib Eye IDR 650.000,- 

Their recommendation is to have the steak at medium rare temperature, but we opted to have medium as medium rare is too rare for our liking. The steak served on a 260 celcius plate so it stays hot throughout our meal. Hubs left several cuts for me to try, I waited until the end so the meat becomes well done. I would say, the quality of the beef is amazing, an outstanding example of USDA prime beef at its best, and it was so well marinated. Though honestly, the after taste didn't leave us with the urgency of wanting to hurry coming back. Some food can make us so certain that we surely be back even before we finished the meal, these aren't.

Overall it was a good lunch, but am I keen on having a second visit? Probably not so much. Thank you for reading y'all! :)

Somersset Grand Citra, Ground Floor Lobby
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio No. 1
Karet, South Jakarta 
(Next to Lotte Shopping Mall/ Raffles Hotel)
Ph. +6221 5221178
Opening hours: 11am - 14.30, 18pm- 22pm

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