Monday, May 16, 2016


Blogging has been, hard work, lately. I always am one of the moodiest woman on earth, and I have been having the worst mood swing these couple months. Can't recall how many times I switched on my laptop thinking of writing a new post and then changed my mind, having it shut. 
I won't lie, I am feeling a bit bumped when I saw the page views stats has been slowing significantly, but I just hate my writings when it was a forced one. 

At the moment, Bienvenue could be the prettiest cafe at PIK. The building has solid and fancy looks, something easily found around Senopati area, but not particularly at PIK. Effort was clearly shown on both exterior and interior. The inside dominated with rich navy blue and gold given a certain point of richness, though personally I wasn't too awed by it.

They are still in a soft opening period, which in their defense, was the sole reason behind the limited menu. Normally, I'm not really an angel hair pasta kind of person, but since the menu was so little, and their Spicy cappelini pasta with prawn & pork (78k) was the most order item I've seen on their instagram page, we decided to go with one and along their Half baby roasted chicken (75k). 

Spicy Cappelini Pasta with Prawn & Pork IDR 78.000,-

Beyond expected, the dish turned to be good. The flavor was spot on, spicy and salty enough, and the pasta texture wasn't mushy as how normally angel hair will. The prawn was fresh and nicely cooked. It was a dish I don't mind to reorder if I ever visit the place again. 

Half baby roasted chicken IDR 75.000,-

Aside from the tender meat, the chicken was practically so so. The marinated sauce was too sweet that it ruins the entire flavor. The mashed potatoes was the soft non lumpy one, too creamy for my liking, but others might find it okay.

The service was good, everything was prompt and the food didn't take long to serve, but I don't see any strong factor for me to come back, probably when they have wider menu in the house. It's good to have Bienvenue in the neighborhood, still, something pretty never hurt. 

Thank you for reading! 

BienVenue Bistro 
Ruko The Metro Blok 6 No. 7
Jl. Mandara Permai VII
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta 
IG: @bienvenue_id


follow our twitter or add our Blackberry pin said...

with all do respect. I'm pretty sure "Bienvenue" is a French word for "hello"..

follow our twitter or add our Blackberry pin said...

Nice review. your post is refreshing. By the way i think their name itself is from french. Bienvenue means welcome.

Ivy said...

Thank you so much for correcting my mistake, I''ll edit my writing soon. :)