Tuesday, May 17, 2016


It's an exciting news how Muara Karang and Pluit area has evolving with many coffee shops and new cafes where it used to be more like humble family restaurants in the neighborhood. One newly opened cafe caught my attention from their exterior alone, positioned few shops away from Ottoman's Coffee.

Clearly a good effort on making the interior to be a cozy and good looking place to dine. I simply like the mural writings welcoming us next to the main entrance.

Don't you love it if attention is paid not only just on food?

Bellycious serves a typical home cooked food. I personally find it a good thing that they come with these kind of affordable and simple home cooked meals. The good thing is their price range is pretty cheap, ranging from only 24k - 46k. The not so good thing is I didn't find their food to be as pleasant as their interior. They weren't bad, but fall into a more standard category, taste wise. 

Satay "Nge Hits" IDR 38.000,-

If you are familiar with the popular Sate Taichan at Senayan, this Satay Nge Hits was just like that, presentation wise. Taste wise, not so much. The meat was a bit too soft and bland, that the chilli and lime didn't do much help. 

Belly Noodle Laksa IDR 46.000,-

The server strongly recommend us to have their Belly noodle laksa (46k), which according to the restaurant, is their best seller and often raved by customers. I was like rolling my eyes to my bestie when the taste doesn't really has anything to be raved about. It wasn't all bad, the broth was quite light and decent, we just didn't feel it was that good. But again, it all comes to personal preferences and taste, what doesn't taste good for me, might be different with others.

Bellycious Crazy Fried Rice IDR 38.000,-

Finally one that quite stands out among all three is their version of crazy fried rice. Comes with quite generous toppings of sausages, meatballs and chickens, the fried rice was seasoned well. Altogether it was a good dish. 

Even though my lunch wasn't really that great, I somehow don't mind on coming back. Simple home cooked food always attracts me more, though, I do really hope the taste will be improving, lots! 

Thank you for reading y'all! :) 

Jl. Pluit Karang Utara Blok A3 No. 141 
North Jakarta 
Open: 11am - 12mid 
Ph. +62818221352
IG: @bellycious_official

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