Saturday, July 16, 2016


So how's everyone holiday? :) If you've been following me on snapchat or instagram, I have just got back from my holiday trip and going to write my travel diary series soon. But for now, let's share some thoughts on one of the newly opened restaurant in town, shall we? 

Kila Kila is an Indonesian restaurant opened by a well known catering group, Akasya. The restaurant located at one of the office building at SCBD, their 7th floor location offers a good view of the Sudirman district. As soon as you walk out from the lift, you would see the restaurant is divided into two sections, smoking and non smoking one. The interior has a good natural lighting and dominated with yellow and natural wood color with traditional rattan lamp cover hanging all over the ceiling.

I was here few days after I came back from my holiday, in need of a good Indonesian food. To take advantage of the (still) smooth traffic, I went with Mom for a lunch date at Kila Kila, just us two. Without knowing that I'd need a reservation in advance, the place was actually full house and the greeter politely told us that they are fully booked. Between hungry and had paid 50k for the valet parking, I was persistence in asking the possibility to wait for a seat, and luckily for us, there's a table available, though it was in smoking section. It was okay as the table next to us was family with children, so I don't think they will be smoking a lot (and they didn't). 

The menu selection was quite many with variety up from chicken, seafood, beef, vegetables and the "jajanan pasar" with mostly traditional cakes. They also have simple individual menu such as nasi gudeg, nasi campur bali, fried rice and fred noodle. I didn't really know what is good here, so we went ahead with their recommendations, in few, two from the meat selections and two from the vegetables one. I was initially wanted to try one of their shrimp dishes, but since I have been cheating so much during my holiday, I decided that it's time for the cheating periods to be over. 

Terong Sambal Udang (Fried Eggplant with Prawn Sambal) IDR 50.000,-

Iga Bakar Sereh (Grilled Ribeye Ribs with shallot, garlic and lemongrass) IDR 125.000,-

Ayam Bakar Kalio (Grilled Chicken in Padang Style) IDR 70.000,-

Tumis Bunga Pepaya (Sauteed Papaya Leaves with Chili Padi) IDR 35.000,-

I'm not going to talk individually on each dishes, basically because my opinion on everything will be similarly same. The food was enjoyable. The ribs were well marinated, the chicken was extremely tender that the knife cuts like butter, all the vegetables were well cooked, everything was nicely flavored.

For a newbie, the service was flawless and the food serving didn't take long. The only one we couldn't tolerate was how hot the place was. I guess because we were seating in smoking section where they open the window up to clear the smoke. But still, they need to figure out something, because the heat was too hot to handle. The bottom line, I would say that Mom and I had a satisfying lunch, but probably not like die die good that makes us dying to come back for second visit. Still, it's quite recommended for when you are craving for a decent Indonesian restaurant with great view and good service.

Kila Kila by Akasya
SCBD Gedung Lot 4, 7th Floor
(Across Pacific Place)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 51401484
Opening hours: 11am - 14.30pm, 6pm - 11pm (on weekend dinner until 12mid)
IG: @kilakilajakarta
Price range:  35k - 145k

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Cumilebay MazToro said...

Beberapa kali makan siang disini, lumayan enak tapi gw lebih cocok makan di serubu rasa atau penang bistro