Thursday, July 28, 2016


As it's approaching end of July, I can safely say that this place is my best find of the month. The perfect example to not judge first before you try. Honestly, I have probably the lowest expectation on this place. Though the restaurant looks all grand and nice from the outside, I somehow kept them off my list and didn't really excited to try, until earlier today, I was meeting my girls for lunch and there were 3 of us, perfect for the "Buy 2 get 3" promo that The Kingdom currently have.

Normally, I'm not that diligent to write a post directly on the day of visit, but I am feeling happy because my tummy was happy, and I don't want July to end up with only one entry on my blog, so....

Out of my expectation, the place was crowded. They are two stories building next to Yoshinoya with the upstairs being the first option as the buffet tables are at upstairs. The lower level dining will be opened when the crowds exceed the maximum of seating at second floor.

So The Kingdom is an all you can eat Japanese shabu shabu with additional of great buffet, mainly Korean and Japanese. Let's talk about the shabu shabu first, just like all Japanese shabu shabu, the main protein is beef and in here there's only one quality of beef with one price. We can have the all you can eat vegetables and seafood at the buffet table. We can choose our own favorite soup from their two kinds, shoyu or spicy one, the soup is served individually per person. Shoyu soup is a mild kind with slightly salty taste, while spicy one is basically the same with additional of chilli, though honestly, I didn't feel much difference between them. Their shabu shabu is not really something to be crazy about, IMO. The buffet, however, is another story.

WEEKDAYS IDR 294.000,- nett
WEEKEND IDR 353.000,- nett

If you think they are like the popular Shaburi, well, probably, but this one is better because of buffet selections comes with quite varieties. Personally, I never understand the fuss about Shaburi. I am someone who cannot have shabu shabu kind of food too much, Practically two bowls and I'm done. Either I'm full or my appetite is bored with all those boiled food. So I'm beyond happy to find that The Kingdom has great buffet aside.

You'll find ready to serve Korean and Japanese food, and pork lovers will be thrilled as the pork meats at the buffet table are all yummy! The yummiest one is the grill section hidden beside the sushi. Few to mention from the buffet are pork bulgogi, japchae, tteokboki, tempura, sushi, steaks, pastry, many kinds of proteins cooked and fried in different kind of styles. Not too much on dessert though, only ice cream that the taste wasn't worth to mention.


That juicy tender grilled pork from the grill steak section

I love their sushi creations (Read more on my raving below)

And oh, I have to emphasize on one thing. The sushi they have here is above decent. You know how when you go to buffet at 5 stars hotels and mostly all the sushi (I'm not talking about sashimi) are mostly blah? At the Kingdom, their sushi options are beyond good. You won't find cheap options where there's only sushi seaweed roll with sad cucumber inside. Here, they serve mostly fusion kind of sushi rolls with unagi, avocado, and shrimps. I do hope that won't change on your time of visit.

My lunch here is definitely satisfying. It's a good feeling to finally find a place that I am excited to revisit. The cheap side part of me is thinking, probably soon before the promo ends. :) I do hope they can maintain the quality and doesn't turn into one of those all you can eat restaurants that quickly limit the food options once the crowds is getting heavy.

Thank you for reading and I hope you'll have an excellent day ahead! 

The Kingdom Buffet and Shabu Shabu
Ruko Gallery 8 (Next to Yoshinoya)
Jl. Pantai Indah Utara 2
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29704982
Opening hours: 11am - 2pm, 6pm - 10pm

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