Wednesday, August 10, 2016


And yes, yet another newly opened restaurant at none other than Pantai Indah Kapuk. With countless restaurants keep on opening here, PIK has confirming its stand as one of the frontliner in the neighborhood filled with cafes, restaurants, and nowadays, coffee shops.
Thai food has always been one of my favorite cuisine, so to find Larb that focusing on bringing authentic Thai certainly excites me. Larb located at the same row as Saine Daise and Bienvenue. The restaurant occupies only one ruko with a standard family restaurant interior.

I was just there last night for dinner and the food was pleasantly satisfying. It is such a good feeling to find most of the new cafes and restaurants that open at PIK lately all comes with good reviews. Pricing wise are pretty modest, nothing above IDR 100.000,- except for the fish menu. But the portions are quite small. Each portion is conveniently shared among 2-3 persons only. There were five of us last night, so we have to order double for couple dishes. 

Larb Pork Neck IDR 45.500,- 

One of my recommendation that you should have here is the Larb menu. Larb basically is a ground or minced meat flavored with lime, chilli and mint. Here, they have toppings from pork, chicken, beef and salmon. We chose to have them with pork neck and it was so gooood! The tangy lime, chilli, mint and fish sauce goes well together with the tender pork neck. The pork was seriously too good that we ordered an extra of grilled pork neck. 

Grilled Pork Neck IDR 45.500,-
 Juicy, tender oh so good grilled pork neck
Papaya Salad Original IDR 25.500,-

I always feel that one thing that really makes Thai food stands out is the ingredients they use, from the chilli, mint and all that leaves to create that tangy sourness. The exact flavor was delivered in their papaya salad. Love it!

Grilled Squid IDR 99.500,-

Thai Iced Tea IDR 22.000,-, Iced Lychee Tea IDR 22.000,- and Coconut Blend IDR 25.000,-

The Thai iced tea was pretty good, strong tea taste with low level of sweetness. Coconut blend was actually a complimentary from the restaurant, a refreshing thirst quencher that suits well as something you'd take at the end of your meal.

Grilled Sirloin Beef IDR 65.500,-

Pandan Chicken IDR 35.500,-

Crispy Pork IDR 31.500,- 

Crisp crackling pork belly which we quickly ordered another extra plate after only one bite. The dipping green chilli sauce was a nice companion. 

Aside from the portion, I don't have whatsoever complain about the food. They were all very enjoyable, from the tangy flavor to the tender meat, I liked all the menu we ordered, but if I have to pick, these four would be my top favorites.

Larb pork neck - Grilled pork neck - Grilled pork - Papaya salad

Thank you for reading!

Ruko The Metro Blok 6 #KD
Jl. Mandara Permai - Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6287878535335
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm
IG: @lardthaiid
Price range: 29k - 175k

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