Monday, August 22, 2016


When it comes to fried chicken, personally I am always leaning towards more to Korean type of fried chicken rather than American. I won't say no to KFC or McDonalds, I mean, who would? I'm just saying that in terms of personal choice, I like the Korean way better when it comes to fried chicken as they can make it less greasy and oily.

Gandaria City isn't a place I rarely visit due to its distance, and having lunch at Hoolala Chicken was totally unplanned. We were passing by the striking yellow dominated restaurant and got attracted for the seafood menu. Hubs love octopus and it is very rare to find fried octopus served in a casual restaurant.

Everything at Hoolala chicken is meant to be shared among 4-5 persons. There was just us two, and the gigantic portion left us with two medium boxes to take home. So if you plan to visit this place, please take along your troops as these kind of food are best enjoy while warm and fresh.

Hoolala Chicken is originated from Korea, Jakarta is not their first overseas branch, they have branches in USA too. The menu basically seafood and chicken. We can choose to have shrimp, crab, squid or octopus to mix with chicken, fries and tteokboki (Korean rice cake). You can have it original fried like what we chose, or you can have it grilled, charcoal, even with cheese. 

Octoman Fried Chicken IDR 264.000,- 

As you can see the portion is huge, one whole chicken, one octopus, french fries with some tteokboki. The waiter will provide us with scissors to cut the octopus, and guess what? The octopus was so gooooood! Crunchy and crisp on the outside, juicy and a bit chewy on the inside. We loved it very very much. 

The chicken was as good as the octopus, crisp tender and yessss, without any greasiness. French fries and tteokboki had nothing to shout about. 

At least now I know there's something to look forward to on my next visit to this shopping mall. Thank you for reading!

Mall Gandaria City 
Main Street Ground Flr M - G 22
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda 
South Jakarta
IG: @hoolala_jakarta


Anonymous said...

Pas terakhir ke Gancit gw ud liat juga ini resto. Pengen cobain apa daya gw lagi sendirian.....terus ada set personal tapi ga semenarik yang buat rame2 time kesini deh sama temen2.

Ivy said...

Iya yg personal b banget ya. Kecil sih jd ga menarik keliatannya. Hahaha bener cin harus bawa segrup ke situ klo mau makan