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Ivy's Travel: Christmas in Bangkok Diary {Part II}

Ivy's Travel: Christmas in Bangkok Diary {Part I} can be read here


Address: 72 Charenkrung Road (Near Old Siam Plaza) 
Opening hours: 6am - 4pm

On Lok Yun has been established for more than 80 years. This old school restaurant serves traditional breakfast and they are so on point. Their soft bread was so gooooood, so soft and fluffy like pillow, dipped into thick kaya spread. Really really good. And so cheap!

The location is quite far, but for someone who love these kind of breakfasts, for me, it was worth the trip and I will be coming here again next time, on the last day so I can bring home the bread and kaya jam back home. 

Egg Custard Bread with Kaya 28 Baht (IDR 10.000,-), Bread with butter and sugar 23 Baht (IDR 9000,-), 2 Eggs choice of bacon, ham, sausage 55 Baht (IDR 21.000,-), Milk Tea 25 Baht (IDR 9500,-)

Only open on weekend 9am - 4pm

Most of the floating market in Bangkok is located a little outside Bangkok, about 1 hour car ride. We've been to Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa, two of the most popular weekend market in Bangkok during our previous trips (read here), so this time we wanted to go to the one located just in the city. I did some searching and Khlong Lat Mayom is mentioned by lots of blogs. 

Khlong Lat Mayom is a market where you can stroll around by boat or by foot. Now, do take attention. The market is divided into three sections. Two small ones which have nothing really, and another huge one with plenty of food, when I say plenty, I mean very. If you enter the wrong section which is the small one, you'll find nothing and ended up regretting to come all the way here, so do enter the big one. Plenty of seafood and snacks. 

This market only sells food and drinks, no clothes, souvenirs and other things.

Boat ride 100 Baht (IDR 38.000,-) per person

Address: Srinagarinda 51 Alley (Behind Seacon Square Shopping Mall)
Opening hours: 5pm - 1am. Open Thu - Sun.

Talad Rod Fai is a night market open from Thursday to Sunday, though going on weekdays is not preferable as some shops are closed. It was our first time coming to this market and was surprised to see so many shops and vendors selling not only food, but also clothes and stuff. It's sort of like Chatuchak's night version but this one is cheaper. 

If you ask me personally, I loved our time at Road Fai market but I still prefer Chatuchak. Probably because this place is quite far and it wasn't easy to look for a cab to go back to hotel. Most of the cabs don't want to go by meter and asked for ridiculous price of 500 Baht. After numerous cabs, we finally found one honest driver who wants to go by meter. It cost us 170 Baht exclude highway fee 50 Bath from Rod Fai to our hotel in Pratunam.  

Except for the transportation difficulties, it is a great option to go in Bangkok. If you do come here, you must look for vendor who sells smoothies and bought their blueberry or raspberry smoothies. Really really good.


Address: 432/1-2 Siam Sqaure Soi 9
Opening hours: 11am - 9.30pm

I have heard LadyIronChef raving about Inter being their favorite Thai restaurant in Bangkok. We have our own favorite, but this trip I wanted to try Inter. The restaurant is a pretty standard non decorated and quite packed with customers during our visit. We paid only 558 Baht (IDR 212.000,-) for 5 dishes, two drinks and 1 white rice. So affordable. Taste wise is pretty standard for us. We still prefer Bhan Khun Mae and our good old street vendor at Petchburi Soi 12.

Pork Fried Rice 75 Baht, Som Tum 58 Baht, Fried Pork with Garlic & Pepper 105 Baht, Tom Yum Kung 120 Baht

Tom Yum Kung 120 Baht (IDR 45.600,-)

Address: Siam Sqaure Soi 3 (Across Siam Paragon)

Mango Swing 70 Baht. Refreshing yet yummy mango smoothies.


Address: 336 - 338 Ekkamai Soi 18, Sukhumvit
Opening hours: 10am - 8.30pm

Wattana Panich is a family business eatery since 1970 specializes in Kuay Teow Nua (beef noodle soup). Famous for its gigantic pan welcoming you as you step inside the humble diner. I would say that it was a good beef noodle soup, the broth was light but full of flavor, very fragrant, you can guess it by the amount of meat boiled in the gigantic pan. Though I wouldn't categorize them as something that is really really good. We spent 340 Baht (IDR 130.000,-) for total 3 bowls.

Some snacks I'd recommend you to try when you're in Bangkok: 

1. Big Yakult 
    I am a huge fan of Yakult, and whenever I am in Bangkok, Taiwan or Hong Kong, I will stock few     bottles of this big Yakult in hotel fridge for me to indulge during my stay. Singapore also have big      yakult now, of course each country has their own brand. I have drank this plenty of times but don't

    know why, never took a pic of it. I'll do it next time and update the post. It can be find in any
    7 Eleven. 

2. McDonalds Various Pie 26 Baht

Mcdonalds Thailand has quite options when it comes to their pies, unlike Jakarta that only have 1 type of apple pie. In Thailand, you'll find, to mention some, chocolate pie, pineapple pie, corn pie, spinach and ham pie, etc. During this trip, I've tried the corn and spinach & ham pie. The corn one was so goooood. Definitely a must try. I didn't like the spinach ham because it comes with cream milky sauce inside.

3. Bangkok Banana 12 Baht

If Japan has Tokyo Banana, then Bangkok also has their own Bangkok banana. This soft cake with banana or chocolate custard filling can easily be found in any 7 Eleven with only 12 Baht!

As always, thank you so much for reading my travel series. If you have any recommendation on great food I must try in Bangkok, please leave a comment.

**Based on Bangkok trip 22 - 27 Dec 2016. 1 Baht = 380 Rupiah


Jenny Lamtio said...

Aaahhhhhhh This is so good Ivy! I'm planning to cancel my trip to BKK, but seeing this makes me so crazy dilemma!

Ivy said...

Hi Jenny... BKK is surely food heaven. You'll love it. :)

Chujinsa Chu said...

A Thai stumbled upon your blog. Glad to know that you seems to enjoy your time in TH.

TH is not different from every places. We have good and bad things, also good anf bad people. Hope you see the first ones whever you go.

I live in Chiang Mai, another tourist destination. If you haven't been here, plese take this comment as an inviatation for you next trip to TH.

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