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Ivy's Travel: Summer in Japan Diary {Part V}

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Tsukiji Shijo Station Exit A1 then turn right. Opening hours: 4am - 11am

Tsukiji fish market for us is definitely one of the must go places since we love everything fresh and you can find literally the freshest sashimi here, oyster, scallop, strawberries, and all kinds of seafood. I would just upload pictures instead of writing too much about Tsukiji. 
Ps. Come as early at 7am is recommended to avoid massive crowds. 

Few of our deliciously fresh feast. Only in Japan where you eat sashimi and fresh seafood for breakfast. 

Fresh Strawberries 918 Yen (IDR 117.500,-) per box

 Soft, Fluffy and Uber Good Tamago 230 Yen (IDR 29.500,-)

Grilled Scallop 700 Yen (IDR 89.600,-)

Fresh Oyster 1000 Yen (IDR 128.000,-)

Zeitaku Maguro Don 2280 Yen (IDR 290.000,-)

Kaisen Don 1580 Yen (IDR 202.000,-)

 What you can expect to find at Tsukiji Fish Market:


Near Shimbashi station (Ginza exit)

Another good lunch we had in Japan is this trending Gyukatsu Motomura. Ever since I saw them online on social medias, I have made it a must have agenda for our trip. We were lucky to bump into their outlet somewhere while strolling around Ginza since the queue was rather short compare to what I read online about the 2 to 3 hours queue at their Shibuya outlet. Our queue here was around 45 mins. Pretty reasonable considering the place can only accommodate 17 seats.

They only serve one menu which is the beef cutlet with 2 options of size, 130gr or 260gr, with or without yam. The price has included set of beef cutlet with cabbage, potato salad, pickles and free refill of rice. We each had the 130gr without yam, and an additional plate of 100gr beef cutlet.

Were they good? Too good! The beef despite was deep fried on the outside was super tender on the inside. The meat inside was rare, it comes with small grill for customers to grill the meat up to the temperature they prefer. Must try!

Address: 6-2-4 Jingumae, Shibuyaku (Meijijingumae station exit A1)
Opening hours: 11.30am - 4am. Sunday until 10pm.

Harajuku Gyoza Lou is located at the back of Gyre building, Omotesando, the same alley as Luke's Lobster. One of my favorite alleys in whole Tokyo. Gyoza Lou is ridiculously good that we dined there twice and feel that wasn't enough still.

They only serve dumpling, boiled or pan fried with few side dishes. The bean sprouts with ground meats is also a must order. One portion of dumpling (5pcs) priced at 290 Yen. So cheap yet so good! Definitely a place you have to visit while in Tokyo. 

Address: 6 Chome 12-6 Jingumae, Shibuyaku
Opening hours: 10.30am - 9pm

Have I mentioned that google maps is like crazy useful when you travel? 
Half of the places we visit were based on the help of Google maps, including this one. This place sells one of the best doughnut I've had in life. My lemon poppy seed is so fluffy with tangy flavor yet the sour lemon was not too overpowering. Located in Omotesando not too far from Gyoza Lou and Luke's Lobster, this place worth to try.

Lemon Poppy Seed Doughnut 390 Yen


Kabukicho is the busy district of East Shinjuku, while our hotel is on the west part. Kabukicho offers a very different view and feeling of Shinjuku. While the west Shinjuku is calmer with lesser entertainment and shops, the east part is very much not the same. Kabukicho is bold, crowded, colorful with tons of people, shops, and lights. Many said that people need to be careful around the area as they are categorized into red district of Tokyo with plenty bars and "entertainment" shops, but personally we feel fine.

East and West of Shinjuku can be reached within walking distance. Once you enter Kabukicho area, look up and you will see the famous Godzilla head next to Gracery Shinjuku hotel. One of the biggest Don Quijote store can be found here. They are a popular store in Japan sell almost everything, though personally the place isn't my favorite. It's one of the most confusing store with that crowds of people, crazy loud music, cramped alleys and everything. For me personally, is messily displayed. I'm not sure if all Don Quijote's stores are that loud since we only went to the one here in Shinjuku and another one accross our hotel back in Osaka. But, if you are okay with crowds and loud music, have fun go mad, cause they sold almost everything, and tax free for purchase of minimum 5000 Yen.

Premium Gyumesi mini size 330 Yen (IDR 42.000,-) and Gyumesi with beef and onion 440 Yen (IDR 56.000,-)

We had supper at Matsuya before heading back to hotel. Japan's beef bowl chain has always been a place you can rely on for something quick, good yet affordable.

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*Based on trip 3-11 July 2016. Currency rate 1 JPY = 128 Rupiah

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