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Ivy's Travel: Summer in Japan Diary {Part VII}

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Spending our last full day before going back to Jakarta the next day at our favorite part of Tokyo, Omotesando. We love Omotesando so much that we practically had been going back to this area almost every day during our Tokyo trip. I can't really explain why the area is our favorite, mostly about feeling, of course aside from the so many good food, the shops, the modern chic street and my favorite laid back alley on the back of Gyre building where Tonkatsu Maisen, Luke Lobster, Gyoza Lou and many more are located.

This one not exactly Omotesando, but still around that neighborhood where you keep walking and ended in Harajuku. 

If you like simple Japanese clothes style, not that Harajuku kind one, you'll love this store. 

Back alley of Gyre Building Omotesando  (around 3mins walk from Meiji-Jingumae exit 4)

Address: 5-7-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

White chocolate jasmine ganache with lemon sugar cronut 550 Yen (IDR 70.000,-). I'm not a sweet tooth, but their cronut is really good!


Very often, randomly pick one turns to be great ones. Like this kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi along Omotesando. We ate in, I think around 5 kaiten sushi restaurants in this trip, and this one comes in second best after the one we had in Kyoto station. That is why I always encourage my friends to not only try places that often being recommended in social media by bloggers, as everyone personal taste is different. When you travel, and you see food that looks good and excites you, even if it's not on the recommended list by other food bloggers, do try!
Note: Pricing around 130 - 490 Yen per plate.

Japanese tamago is the best!!!


One of our most memorable dinner experience in Tokyo has got to be this random izakaya dinner at a small alley of Shinjuku. There are tons of izakaya diners along this alley. Each and everyone of them are small, humble and packed with customers. We randomly picked one, squeezed in with other customers at the communal table, very uncomfortable yet one of the best authentic experience. And the skewers were bomb! So simple yet so flavorful and goood. Gosh, I miss Japan.

Skewers and Edamame 1750 Yen (IDR 224.000,-)

After the izakaya dinner, we strolled around Kabukicho and have another random dinner at this very packed restaurant. But we didn't really like the food here. Though still loving the vibes, mostly local dined here so it was nice to see the local feels.

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*Based on trip 3-11 July 2016. Currency rate 1 JPY = 128 Rupiah

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