Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Omakase at TATEMUKAI Grand Indonesia

When it comes to fine dining, I always find myself willing to spend it more over Japanese food rather than other cuisines. Aside from how much I love them, I know how expensive a good quality of Japanese food can be. I always am a true believer in "you get what you pay for", and this Japanese fine dining really is a good example of it. 

Tatemukai start its business at late 2010. Tate-san, the head chef used to be the chef at Kinokawa, another upscale Japanese restaurant. If you've been to Kinokawa when Tate-san is still the head chef, you would see wooden boards with handwriting from the customers hanging on their walls. It's sort of the customers' way to appreciate the good meals Tate-san served them. 
When he left Kinokawa and join Tatemukai, the loyal customers requested the wooden board handwriting's tradition to be continued, so expect to see all that hanging in the walls of Tatemukai. 

They are one of the place who doesn't need any excessive publication in promoting their restaurant, explaining the sort of hidden main entrance. Unlike years ago when they just started, walk ins are now welcome, though reservation is still strongly recommended due to the seating capacity. 

Tatemukai only serve omakase, no ala carte or anything else. Omakase means "I'll leave it to you", so we don’t know what we would be getting but we could let the chef know in advance to not include a certain type of food. Example, my husband is allergic to prawn, so we let the chef know to not serve prawn for him. 

As they only serve omakase, all the seating are sushi bar type, for the customer to enjoy the chef's skills in preparing the dishes. We could ask in advance during phone reservation if you want to be served by Tate-san himself (only lunch, he normally won't be available during dinner), but since I know I will take pictures of the food, I prefer to not be served by the head chef. I know how all the professional chefs don't really appreciate if we don't eat the food as soon as served. 
Though I ended didn't take too many pictures as I think it's a waste to let those fresh sashimi left too long only for the sake of picture perfect. No no, won't do that.

It was funny, judging from the instagram posts I saw, I was so sure that the omakase won't make me full, since the quantity is so little and my tummy is always ready for tons of sashimi, but seriously we were bloated up half way that we have to stop. 

One omakase session will serve you 13 - 15 courses excluding soup and desserts, but if you are full in the middle of the session, feel free to let the chef know to stop the food coming. You will paid less of course. One omakase at Tatemukai cost 1.995k (after tax) per person, and as we didn't finish the full course, we were "only" charged 1.7k per person. I strongly recommend you to bear your tummy and have a full session as with only 295k difference, you have so many selections still to come. 

I'll have another omakase date with couple friends around this month, and I'll make sure my tummy can fit in all courses. And yes, hopefully I'll update this post.

Chutoro (medium fatty tuna)

Ootoro (tuna belly)

Otoro sushi (tuna belly with miso, edamame and foei gras)

Ikura (salmon roe)

Kanpachi (served with ponzu sauce)

Prawn sushi

Uni sushi & Scallop 

Crab sushi with foei gras 

Salmon belly (medium seared)

Beef wagyu grade 9+

Matcha shaved ice with ogura

Strawberry mochi

Tatemukai impresses me in so many ways. The quality, the freshness, the perfection. Everything you have heard about them, true.

I won’t write much on each specific items as if I do, you would read a lot of “delicious”, “fresh”, “amazing”, “so good”, "melt in mouth" repeating on and on, as all those words describe each and every single one of them. After tasting Tatemukai, I assure you, you won't feel sorry at all for spending that much.

If you are a true Japanese food fan, trust me, an omakase session at Tatemukai is very worth the splurge.

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall Level 3A 
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1
Ph. +6221 23581807


the 9th said...

( 9 March 2015; 20.30 reservation )
Simple, me and my girl went for a simple dinner.
Were craving for Japs. So yeah went and go for tatemukai in GI. Was a good omakase. Finishing with mochi and ice green tea.

Just about to finish, some where around 21.45 ;
We were literally shock. There was a BIG RAT just beside the wooded box filled with Japanese sushi rice. I'm sorry to explain this explicitly, the RAT was around 17 cm long plus the tail was around 28 cm. It was just shocking, the worst part of it was, the moment I complain there was no APPOLOGY AT ALL from the employee and pretend nothing happen....... How sad is the honesty of those tatemukai employee....??!?!?!

So here I tell you, in Tatemukai there is only an omakase, it cost 1.600.000 per PAX what you get are;
- fresh sashimi ( comes every Tuesday and friday- let's hope its clean)
- the ginger was nice
- service 6.5/10
- Dishonest Employee
- and lastly A VIEW of a 27 cm long of RAT & NO APPOLOGY AT ALL FROM THE RESTAURANT.

Thank You Very Much & Good Luck

Rizky Ikhsani said...

wow, very sorry to hear that. Unlucky I guess.

Could you explain the 6.5/10. why is it 6.5 ?