Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Pantai Indah Kapuk, shortly known as PIK has develop into a food heaven for not only the Northerners, but for every Jakarta residents. For this post, the cover would be about a certain type of food that makes everyone happy, DESSERT. 

Without further a do, here's my guide on PIK's best dessert shops!

Address: Rukan Crown Golf Blok B No. 2 
(Next to Twig Cafe)
BC's Cone is another worth to mention dessert shop at PIK. They serve colorful soft ice cream with unique flavors. While commonly we have Vanilla and Matcha, here at BC's Cone they offer variety flavors such as Taro, Milo, Strawberry Candy and Cream Soda.

Address: Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 57 
(Few shops away from Shirokuma and P&B) 
NorthPole is arguably to be the one who serves the most instagenic dessert at the moment. Their Smoky pan (68k) is the most order items on the menu. Comes with six scoops of gelato flavors placed in a colorful smoky pan. The dry ice put inside the pan surely comes as a stunning gorgeous effect. The lemon sorbet and thai tea flavors are really good. 
Another good thing about Northpole is all their gelato are free from prservatives and food coloring, and they store their gelato not more than a week!

Address: Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 17 
Ph. +6221 96628677
(Few shops from Ikkudo Ichi)
Being one of the pioneer of cute instagenic dessert shops at PIK, Sumoboo is still going strong even with so many new ones coming. People can't seem to get enough of their Japanese concept dessert, to mention some, their version of Kakigori and Nutella bomb! 

Address: Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 32
Ph. +6221 29237523
Shirokuma specializes in Japanese desserts. Their soft serve ice cream, matcha and vanilla are really good, combine with the ice cream parfait. Don't forget to also try their Deep fried Oreo and Shirokuma cotton candy. What I like from Shirokuma is how they are always being innovative with new Japanese dessert creations.  

Address: Ruko Cordoba Blok F No. 1-3 (Above Sate Khas Senayan)
The Milk Bar is another creation from the owner of Shirokuma. Their homemade gelato comes with many interesting flavors such as pistachio, baileys, tiramisu, strawberry cheesecake and many more. My favorite one is the strawberry sorbet, it's sweet but not in a heavy way, I love how the texture is quite light.

Rukan Emerald No. 10
(Across Tzu Chi School)
Ph. +6221 24080570
I'm not a fan of matcha, but Shirayuki's matcha soft ice cream made me one step closer into liking it. Their matcha ice cream is the best I've had to date (in Jakarta). Another of their creations which are favorites among the regular patrons is their stuffed mochi and cotton candy tree.

Address: Ruko Garden House B No. 22
Ph. +6221 29032922
(Few shops away from Hong Tang)
Cake a Boo is a unique pastry shop specialized in cute cakes. What makes the interior unique is their dessert train belt. Pretty yummy cakes going round and round in front of your eyes is truly a feast! Being the only one who serves variety of cute cakes in the neighborhood has made them a must go place. 

Address: Ruko Cordoba Blok D No. 3
(Next to ATEK, or across Apotik Dunia Sehat)
Woo Yoo's soft serve ice cream is suitable for anyone, especially children as it's 100% purely made from grass-fed cow's milk. All the ingredients are imported from Korea. If you are a dairy person, you would love Woo Yoo due to its creamy and milk's density.

Address: Rukan Exclusive, Bukit Golf Mediterania
(Across WaterBom. Enter from Grandma Thai)
EggO Waffle is heaven for waffle person. Not only because they have range of variety options of toppings and flavors, but they also have savory type of waffles. Normally when you think of waffle, it shall be something sweet topped with ice cream, but at EggO, you can find both, either sweet one or savory. Not to mention, they tasted great. 

*updated: March 23rd, 2015


Andy Tjhin said...

Klo diurut2...

Dulu trennya iga sapi -> ramen -> bubble tea -> dessert

Berapa bulan lagi, apa ya yg bakal ngetrend?

Ivy said...

Hahaha gyutan don!

Hendrayatna Tafianoto said...

The Milk Bar seems to be a bust :(

Went there almost 2 months ago and saw nobody else at the place. The ice cream tasted ordinary as well.

natasha jefferson said...

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natasha jefferson said...

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