Friday, January 9, 2015


On my last trip to Spore, a friend of mine told me about Sushi Burrito, this sushi place that she thought I might like, but I didn't have the time so I was happy when I found out they open their first outlet in Jakarta about a month ago.

Sushi Burrito is Singapore's 1st burrito sized hand held sushi. At this healthy Japanese fast food restaurant, one can experience the fusion of Mexican and Japanese in every bites of their sushi burrito. 

Me lovin' the fact how each and every sushi burrito is balanced to low carb diet consisting of: 15% rice (less than half of rice bowl), 35% fresh Japanese ingredients, 40% mixed greens, and 10% house blend sauce. If you're on diet, you could also ask for lesser sauce to make it less calorie. I love the fact how on the menu, they put the number of calorie written in each of the items. 
Their sushi burrito is all freshly made to order and they have wide selections from seafood, beef, chicken, sashimi even vegetarian options to choose from. Aside from the main signatures, expect to find side dishes of their fresh salad, light snacks and soft serve ice cream. 

The interior is pretty simple, neat and clean. Although it's a bit small, I think it goes well with their concept, where it can be a healthy and delicious meals on the go, while at the same time, they also create a comfortable place to sit for people who prefer dine in. I think the light wood application and simple design fits the healthy fast food concept.

All the sushi burrito come in full and half size, I was there with my bestie and we each chose their Signature fried back roll and Hot chick.

Main: Crab meat, tamago 
Greens: Lettuce, cucumber, avocado
Toppings: Flying fish roe, cheese
Calorie: 227 kcal (ask for less sauce -30kcal)

Though it's their signature, I find myself not into this. Don't get me wrong, the filling, seasoning and flavors were all okay, but I'm just not really into the idea of fried sushi, sushi itself or sushi burrito, I never like it when they are fried.

HOT CHICK (half 41k)
Main: Pan fried spicy chicken
Greens: Ice berg lettuce, purple cabbage cucumber, carrot, coriander
Toppings: Togarashi powder
Calorie: 179 kcal (ask for less sauce - 20kcal)

I love this one! I know it's a fusion of Mexican and Japanese, but I felt like I was eating a kimbap (korean dish made from white rice, greens and other ingredients rolled in a wrap of seaweed). I love how fresh & crunchy the greens were. The flavors and seasonings were just right, and me personally liking how they were not being cheap on the filling.  

Oh yes, they also caters delivery service with minimum order for residents around SCBD.


I love their sushi burrito. I think it's a great choice of healthy food. On a diet or not, healthy yet delicious food is always a good choice. 

Ok great, now I'm missing their hot chick! 

Pacific Place 4th flr
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52 - 53
Kawasan SCBD Sudirman 
South Jakarta
Ph. +62813 4512594
Instagram: @sushiburritoid
Price range: 28k - 85k 

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