Friday, April 29, 2011

"it is your life, live it well, live it happy"

Recently, I read a book called "Si cacing dan kotoran kesayangannya". The book was written by an Australian monk named Ajahn Brahm. I was not interested at first but the book is best seller and many friends of mine insisted that the book is very enriching and they somehow got motivated after reading it. Although I didn't get motivated and did not enjoy it as well as I enjoy reading Cosmopolitan, but there are some good learning points quoted from the book. 

"future is uncertain, we will never know what will happen next"
"whatever you do, do your BEST"
And this one is my favorite, "the hardest part in life, is thinking about IT". It's really gotten me that many times I do think too much about everything, even things that not even happen yet. Perhaps we have to learn to not be totally worried about everything going around us and just be happy, enjoy life and have faith that God will always do His best. Like my beautiful Dr. Doreen Tan, founder of Best World Lifestyle said "it is your life, live it well, live it happy". 

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