Monday, April 25, 2011

A wonderful man in my life

Here's a story about a wonderful man in my life.

I know him around Feb 2006 from my high school friend who was his colleague at that time. We started to officially become boyfriend & girlfriend on Aug 2006, engaged on Aug 2009 and got married on Nov 2010.
People say that the longer a relationship is, the more boring you will get out of that relationship. I would like to believe that people who comes out with that saying are those who haven't met with someone they truly love and loves them back. When my relationship with him hits the 3rd year, some of my friends asked me whether I am bored already, and my answer is NO. Well, yes... I might not dress up the way I did when I just starts to date him, but my feelings every time I met him is still the same, nothing less than happy and excited!

It has been 4 years and 8 months since I know and date him, but many times I am still amazed by how kind hearted he is as a person, as a friend, as a boy friend, as a son in law, and as a husband. I might not be the type who shares a lot about my partner (well only to my mom so that she can be relief that her daughter is marrying a good man)... but deep down I always remember to be thankful to have him in my life. 
Of course, he has flaws, nobody's perfect right? But I don't know, call me cheesy, call me crazy... but I don't really notice his flaws, not so much as I notice his greatness and count them in my blessings every single day.

Sometimes we forget to feel grateful about our blessings in life, and keep thinking about all the problems we have. Everyone have problems in their life, but not everyone have the same blessings like yours. So think about your blessings & be thankful! =)


vivi said...

Ivanaaaaaaa, so sweet :)

Ivy said...

bwahahahaha =)

Lily said...

bbk .. he's also lucky to have u .. u're a wonderful person as well :D

Ivy said...

Lilyyyy... that's so sweet. *hugs*