Monday, April 25, 2011

My beautiful Journey

This was actually something that I wrote in my previous blog when I was 25. I just like it so much that I copy paste here =)

My 26th birthday is coming soon. I can’t even believe how time flies. It still feels like just yesterday when I forced to wake up in the middle of the night because of my boyfriend’s midnight surprise on my 25th birthday. And yet, here I am just couple weeks from my upcoming birthday.
I am driving on my way to office when my boyfriend called me couple days earlier asking the birthday girl about what she wants for her coming birthday. Because of my very busy week, I don’t even realize that I am soon going to be again 1 year older. After we ended talking, I was still quite far from my work place. And thanks to the heavy traffic I have time for my self to do some thinking. I really cannot believe that I have been born for 25 years. I begin to think about what is it that I already have and achieved in my 25 years of life.
Back then when I was still in high school or even when I was in college, I never really think about career. I always thought that when I graduate, I will just help my parent’s business until I have my own family. As simple as that. How was I suppose to know that my thought back then was truly the opposite of what I am doing right now?
At my 25, I am now holding a good career in a multinational company. I am trusted with important responsibilities in my office. I would like to believe that I am actually doing well at what I am doing. My parents and my friends can see the difference in me compare to the ME I used to be. I grow. I really do. Yes, I am still the person I was when I was 7, 15 or even 22, I am still that girl that are not career minded. But look what times brought me to? My life now is really something that I never even imagine it will be. I love it.
My dream is still the same. Simple dream of having a happy family of my own. But the journey that I have to go through to achieve that dream… I will not fight it alone. I will leave it to the universe together with me. I am positive that there will still be a lot of surprises and excitements that are waiting for me ahead.
I am soon to be 26 and cannot wait for the beautiful journey I’m going to have. Ages is not important. It’s maturity that counts. Happy birthday in advance YOU!

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