Wednesday, April 27, 2011


One week ago, me and my colleagues purchased a voucher to dine at Katsusei from a website who specialized in selling coupon with certain discount. The voucher was sold at 45k for 1 set of katsu bento. We decided to use our vouchers today for lunch. Btw, I am working at Menara BCA, that's why I often have lunch at Grand Indonesia as the building is linking with the mall. Anyway, back to our lunch... Today was my second time dine at Katsusei. The place is empty when we got there, only 1 table besides ours. Same thing during my previous visit, also only 1 table besides mine. I'm not sure because it is weekdays or because the menu is quite pricey. Although they often have 50% promo by certain credit card. The interior is nice, before we enter the restaurant we will be walking through a short alley. The dining place is not spacious and designed with dim lights. 

Beef katsu Set

Tonkatsu sauce
This time, as we can only use our vouchers to redeem with bento set, I didn't bother to look at the menu. But I remember the Katsu set (original not bento) is around 200k. Coming back to the bento set, we can opt between Chicken Katsu Bento (65k), Beef Katsu Bento (80k) and Salmon Katsu Bento (95k). There are four of us, and we chose 2 sets of Beef & 2 sets of Salmon. We were jokingly said that because this one is paid using voucher, the portion will be small. We were wrong. Even though it was different and smaller from the original Katsu set, but it was fulfilling. My beef katsu was delicious and so was the salmon. They have this Tonkatsu sauce mixed with sesame to be dipped into the Katsu. Yumm! 

After the meal, we were given a small glass of hot tea. I don't really know what kind of tea is that, but according to the waiter it helps to cleanse out the oil from our body.
Payment time: we were not charged at all for the Katsu bento set, the vouchers had inclusive tax also. So we only pay for our beverages. I think it is totally worth it as we purchased the voucher at 45k to be redeemed with meal worth 80k - 95k. Good deal! 

Grand Indonesia East Mall Garden District 2, Level 5
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1
ph: +6221 23580060
Other outlet: Plaza Indonesia

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