Friday, February 13, 2015

Publik Markette Grand Indonesia Jakarta

If you are Ivy's Life long time reader (thank you!), you would remember how much I love Ismaya group and all the restaurants under them, well except for Tokyo Belly. Ismaya has been one of the strongest front runners in F&B world, and I have always excited to try any of their creations, just like their newest one, Publik Markette.

The location is between Union Deli and NOMZ. In fact, location wise, three of them are sort of like "Bermuda triangle" in food terms. Publik Markette's concept is like an upscale food market, where you can see for yourself the range of food and beverage they offer. The hostess will first guide you to your table with number on it. Then you need to go to their food area and order what you want while remembering to let them know your table number. The food will be delivered to your table and you can pay after you finish your meal.

I don't feel like writing much on my disappointment so this one will be a short review. I had so many high hopes due to the good compliments I heard about them from social media. They were all raving so much especially about the pork belly which wasn't available during my visit. 

Though my order is lacking the most talked about pork belly, I figured the other four on the menu won't be so bad. I was wrong. Seeing they are under Ismaya and comes with not so cheap price tag, I was hoping for much better food than these.
BEEF SHORT RIBS with green chilli rice (155k)
BBQ PORK RIBS with herbs roasted potatoes (155k)



HERBS ROASTED CHICKEN with green chilli rice (115k)

It's not that they were all bad, but the food was too standard. I probably will come back to try on the pork belly, but in the mean time, they just not my favorite.

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town 
East Mall GF 
(Below Social House, across of NOMZ and Union Deli)
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1, Jakarta
Ph. +6221 23581281

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