Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I feel like this past one month I have been coming to Grand Indonesia so many times, particularly because of the so many new restaurants are popping up here. The West side used to be the only side taking control on the F&B, but now it's time for the East starts with Union Deli, NOMZ, Publik Markette and the newest one, Benedict.

What makes me excited on coming straight to Benedict the first day they open its door is for these reasons, Benedict's main focus is all day brunch and I'm a brunch person, always am, always will. 
Second, they are under Union Group which never fails in bringing awesomeness in F&B scene. Third, the foodies euphoria in Jakarta nowadays is crazy, so coming here before it starts to get chaos seems to be the right choice, for me. I have the time flexibility anyway. However even on their very first day, the crowd were massive. Good Job, Benedict!

Benedict is a Gourmet cafe serving all day breakfast, home made desserts and artisanal coffee from Toby's Estate. It is headed by duo Chef Fernando and Chef Ivan. A bit story about the chefs, they both met at the Culinary Institute of America and reunited in Jakarta to establish Good For Eats, a private dining service which is well known for organizing pop up brunches in Jakarta. Now they team up with Union Group and Benedict was born.

They are located at East mall on the same level as Ranch Market. I was quite surprise to find Benedict's interior doesn't have any resemblance as the other restaurants under Union Group. Look at E&O, Union Deli and Loewy, and you'll immediately find some similarities. Ambiance wise, honestly not my favorite. I'm not really into places with dimmed light, especially day time. Aside from the lighting, I find the place quite homey with the couches and the semi open kitchen.

As probably well guessed from the name, they serve all day breakfast with Benedict's specialty. On the menu also have sandwiches, wraps and breads for breakfast and brunch. If you looking for something slightly heavier, rest assure Benedict got in covered as well with their mains such as Benedict Burger, Foei Gras rice, Striploin steak and Chicken under a brick to mention few.

Scrambled eggs, cured tomatoes, miso mushrooms, ground breakfast sausages, home fries

The full monty was good, I like the texture of the scrambled eggs very much, soft and a bit runny. The artisan breads they use are from Union, homemade. I would love it more if they throw some Arugula leaves on the side. :) Though it was okay, I recommend something more like one of their Benedict's specialty, Florentine. 

Dill Cured salmon, sauteed baby spinach, tobiko, Hollandaise, Challah bread

Don't mind my stupid picture coz this one was really good. The bread was fluffy, the poached eggs? Perfect. I love how they topped it with salmon and tobiko, and the best part? The sauteed spinach between. It was so good! I always love to have veggies on my brunch.

Brown sugar crumbs, maple syrup, crispy beef/ pork bacon

Instead of ice cream, they serve frozen custard. I feel the texture and taste were the same as ice cream, a bit dense and milky, but the bacon on the top makes it unique. The crisp and saltiness along with the brown sugar crumbs really were amazing toppings. Must order!

EGG IN A JAR (75k)
63C egg, Mac & cheese, shitake mushrooms, crispy beefbacon, potato foam, brioche

Okay, this one is interesting. How frequent you bump into egg in a jar? We asked the chef to lower the usage of cheese, so to me, everything inside this jar was beyond good. Me especially love the bottom one, sort of like rosti. The flavor was spot on, use the bread to dip in the potatoes foam and you're golden.

Homemade jams and pickles available for purchase

Benedict, you have the permit to brunch me anytime! 

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall LG Flr
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1
Ph. +6221 23581238
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm
IG: @benedictjakarta 
FB: Benedict Jakarta

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