Tuesday, March 3, 2015


When it comes to Japanese food, yakitori is not really my first choice but I was excited to find a Japanese diner finally opens at PIK. If you pay close attention, aside from ramen, there was none. 

Fukumimi is a Japanese restaurant from Ginza Tokyo specializing in Yakitori (grilled skewers). venue wise, I must say I love their exterior more than the inside. With the dimmed light and the partition seating, it makes the room felt a bit cramped.

Their selections of yakitori are plenty from chicken, pork, beef and vegetable ranging at 12k - 36k. Though it was not as good as what I expected, as some were grilled too long that they were a bit tough to chew, but overall they were okay. Some like the GyuTan (33k), Reba (Chicken liver)15k, Buta Bara (pork belly)25k, and Gyu Karubi (Beef ribs)30k stands out more than the rest. 

Aside from the yakitori, the rest were just ordinary. I do like the tamago, it was soft and fluffy. As always, when I saw GyuTan on the menu, I'll order it but their GyuTan Negidarake was such a disappointment. It was slimmy and mushy, totally losing its juiciness.

Yakionigiri - Jako To Watame (Grilled riceball with small fish and seaweed) 20k

Dashimaki Tamago (Japanese Omelette) 20k

GyuTan Negidarake (Beef tongue with leek sauce) 45k

Kinakowarabi Mochi (Starch mochi with soybean powder)30k

Oh yes, they also have beauty hotpot and grilled dumplings on the menu. I saw one table ordered the hotpot and it looks yummy, but since we were just from MottoMoo, we were too full to order heavier course. 

Honestly, the meal doesn't do any memorable impact on me but it's nice to have variety of cuisines coming at PIK. 

Ruko Emerald No.11-12
(Next to Shirayuki)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29032915
Instagram: @fukumimiginza

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fhenny said...

eagerly wanting to try this! thanks for the nice review!