Monday, March 2, 2015


Okay so the thing is, I love Japanese food. I'm such a sushi slut that I'd practically okay to the idea of having them everyday, but let's face it, Japanese food isn't entirely cheap. If you ask me, my loves would be Sushi Masa and Tatemukai, but both aren't exactly the type of places to eat on daily basis, so most of the time, I often go to Sushi Tei for an affordable but still pretty good sushi. 

I've been wanting to find another good sushi place comparable to Sushi Tei, taste and price wise. I've been to Itacho Sushi at Ion Orchard quite a few times and loving it, so when they finally opened in Jakarta at Grand Indonesia, I was ecstatic. 

I know it's a risky thing to visit a restaurant on its opening week. The service would be slow and most of the time food won't be consistently good, but I figure to just take the risk and keep my finger crossed. 

It was Saturday night and the place was packed, as expected. We were there pretty late, around 8-ish. If you've been to the one in Orchard, the interior is pretty much the same. I like it, bright, neat and clean. 

The way to order is to write what we want in a piece of paper and give it to the server. After they input the order, they will put the order list at our table, for us to take to cashier and pay after we finished our meal, it's sort of semi self service. 

Honestly, the service was disappointing, most of our orders were sold out and they didn't even tell us, so we just thought that it will be served only on slow basis. Up to the point we no longer can wait and asked them about it, we were told that they were sold out and they no longer took additional order due to the late hours. WTF?!

So, these were some of our orders that was served. Itacho's menu mostly doesn't cover set or sushi rolls type, it might be quite overwhelming to look at for first timer.

Steamed Egg with Crab (28k)
Roasted Saury Roll (20k) 
Udon in Soup with Beef (69k)
Deep Fried Chicken (41k) and Deep Fried Oyster (51k)

I would say most of them were pretty mediocre, not bad, but not fantastic. The only one I would say I like more than the rest was their sashimi. They were fresh and tasty.

Fuyu Sashimi Set (280k)

We loved the fresh sashimi on the top, too bad the sushi rice below was a bit dry and sticky. Nevertheless, I still feel their sashimi were the ones save the disappointing night. 

Nami Chirasi Jyu (130k)

It's quite funny when the supervisor (Singaporean I think) approached us asking how was our meal, and we told her our disappointment as most of our orders were cancelled because they were sold out and we weren't been informed, and her replied was "Oh, Thank you very much". Errr... lady, I think what you meant is "We're very sorry".  

With branches all over Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and China, it shows they know what they're doing so I do hope it's only because they were overwhelmed over the great crowds and things will get better. Congratulations on the opening, Itacho!

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Level 3A Sky Bridge (Next to Popolamama)
Jl. MH Thamrin, Jakarta
Ph. +6221 23581228 
Price range: 10k - 450k



Tamaki_Ritsuka said...

I went there a week after the opening day, the food quality is still the same with the one in Singapore but YES. The service was horrible for me. I was waiting for my order and when I asked the waitress, she said "Oh, it's on the counter but no one's there to take it." Okay...? You want me to go there and grab it or something...? Then I went there 2 weeks afterwards, hoping it was better. NOPE. The service is still really slow and they didn't tell us when our order is out of stock. We waited half an hour for one particular menu to come out and they didn't even inform us if it's out of stock! Like, in Singapore, they actually tell us which one is out of stock when checking our order!

Tamaki_Ritsuka said...
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