Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Caffe Milano Grand Indonesia Jakarta

I wonder, how many is too many. If I over eat, will food eventually bores me? Can I still notice the difference on great food with only decent ones? Just how many is consider too many?. The thoughts came to me after my early dinner yesterday. I had a pleasant one, but somehow my taste bud wasn't that entertained.  

We were having an early dinner at another new establishment under Union Group, who has been dominating the food scene lately. The euphoria over Union Deli and Benedict have not even subsides, and they have another one opens. Caffe Milano taking the same location at Grand Indonesia is the first one in the group serving Italian. It's headed by Chef Luca Pezzera with over 20 years of culinary experience in Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Istanbul, Dubai and currently, Jakarta.

Located inside Central Dept Store just steps away from Union Deli, Caffe Milano's interior is a visualization of Italian concept turned to reality. You would find sleek seating arrangements and cabinet on one side of the walls filled with wines. I like the idea of having the brick walls instead of classy wallpapers. With the wooden chairs and classic black chandelier, the cafe gives a homey welcoming feels. It's unfortunate for the non smokers how the al fresco seating was meant for smokers as I could see the spot to be the ideal seats when the weather is nice.   

I love how the balsamic and olive oil bottles were put on each table to compliment the bread. 

The Antipasti (read: appetizer) wasn't really entice us, so instead we went straight to the pasta. My favorite kind of pasta is spaghetti cooked in aglio olio style. We ordered their version of Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Bottarga (135k). Plating wise doesn't look appealing but it taste good! Aces on the al dente pasta while the bottarga (salted, pressed, dried fish roe) added some saltiness to the overall nice flavors.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Bottarga (135k)

Pizze Milano (115k)

We chose Milano (115k) from the pizza selections. Thin crust with mouthwatering looks over the toppings; Porcini mushrooms, pancetta, parmigiano with a perfectly half cooked with runny egg yolk on the center.

While pasta and pizza seem to be their specialty, do make sure to try the other main courses as their Sea Bass Al Cartoccio (150k) was the winning dish for me that evening. Baked and wrapped with tin foil, I immediately was indulged with the fresh aroma of tomatoes, basil and capers. The Sea Bass was excellent. The meat was tender and nicely seasoned. 

Sea Bass Al Cartoccio (150k)

Though Tiramisu is my all time favorite desserts, we chose to skip the dolci last night as I've been dying for RV Pie next door. I could really see great response towards Milano, especially since (correct me if I'm wrong) they are the only Italian restaurant at Grand Indonesia.

So, back to my earlier thoughts. The food was good, we had a pleasant dinner, yet it all feels just too common so I wonder, am I feeling that way because I have too many food that I'm just being picky or if their food is indeed just ordinary decent. You tell me, I'd love to hear some comments after your visits. :)

The Al Fresco seating

With all these new restaurants and the almost every week pop up bazaars, I guess finding parking spots at Grand Indonesia will even sucks more than it already has. 

Caffe Milano
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Inside Central Dept Store
East Mall, Ground Flr
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1
Ph. +6221 23580638
Opening hours: 10am - 2am
Instagram: @caffemilanojkt
Price range: 85k - 295k

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