Sunday, March 22, 2015


Spumante is a newly opened all day dining restaurant at the heart of Central Jakarta. Located to be exact at Menteng, just beside Anomali Cafe and not too far from one of my favorite Indonesian restaurant, Bunga Rampai

They just opened for few days and was actually on a soft opening period where they don't go too public, as they want to make sure everything is smooth for the grand opening. When I was there with hubs, the restaurant was crowded, they were in the middle of inviting their friends and relatives but walk ins are welcome as well. 

I like what they did with the place even before I stepped inside. The monochrome totally works. As we walked in, I felt an instant crush. The place is so pretty, girly yet homey chic with the chandeliers (yes, I'm a big fan of chandelier!), the pretty couches, and those super therapeutic flowery smells.

The invited guests mostly seated in this pretty spot so I didn't capture the whole room the way I want it to be.

Taking steps further inside, I was even more hooked when I saw the different concept. The area behind was more in an industrial look kind of way. I immediately find my self adore those white brick walls. White simply never fails. 

I like what they did with the space and the furniture. While the front area looks pretty and girly, this one felt cozier for me. If you've been to brunch places in Singapore, a lot of them adapt these kind of design, on the top of my head, Common Man Coffee Roaster and Baker n Cook. 

The place opens early at 8am, serving all day dining with quite a selections for breakfast menu. During their soft opening, they only open until 5pm and cash only payment. The menu was mostly western and they use Tanamera coffee beans here. 

We tried their Bacon Beef Burger (95k) and Chicken Cracklings (45k). We figured both comes as safe options since almost nothing could go wrong with a burger and fried stuffs. Fortunately, we were right. 

I hated when the patty inside a burger is soggy and mushy. Thankfully, theirs was not. It was thick, nicely seasoned, juicy and tender. We loved it. 

The fries was pretty ordinary, but the deep fried chicken was also surprisingly good. Crisp and not oily, two things that matter the most from fried food. 

Green veggie juice (spinach, kyuri, zucchini, pineapple and tomato) 35k

I was tempted to try the Banana Muffin (30k) when I saw them looking too good to be missed on the display. Might not be as good as my all time favorite muffin from Kenny Rogers, but I quite like it. It was moist and the sweetness was just right. Don't forget to ask them preheat it first.

Gotta say the place exceeded my expectation. My mind was trained to not getting my hopes too high everytime I try a new place, especially one that just opened for couple days. I wouldn't know if they will be consistent, but for my first time at Spumante, food and service wise, I was contented. 

I wish you the best of luck! Thank you for reading!

Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 50
Menteng, Jakarta
(Next to Anomali Coffee) 
Ph. +6221 3106188
Opening hours: 8am - 5pm (during soft opening)
IG: @spumantejkt
Price range: 30k - 95k


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