Monday, March 30, 2015


Slowly, reasons to go to Singapore for food hunting is getting lesser and lesser with one by one being brought here. After Song Fa and Nam Nam, now comes Tim Ho Wan taking the same location at Pantai Indah Kapuk. 

Though Tim Ho Wan is not originated from Singapore, but their popularity in the country is as huge as the original one in Hong Kong. Incase you don't know what Tim Ho Wan is, they starts their journey in a humble eatery at Kowloon. Not long after, their delicious dim sum in favor of the popular BBQ pork baked buns spreads out, got themselves into the world's cheapest Michelin star restaurant and the rest is history. 

My first attempt with Tim Ho Wan is not in Hong Kong, it's Singapore and I queued for 2 hours and 10 mins, no kidding (read the post here). I remember telling my bestie who was with me that time about how the queue will totally be crazier if it opens in Jakarta one day. When I went there yesterday morning, I was quite early so even the queue was packed, Mom and I got seated quite fast. But the queue got crazier after, I strongly recommend you to come early. The place opens at 11, and I heard people start queuing from 9.30. We reached there at 10.20 and got number 14. At the moment, the second and third storey are still under renovation, so only first floor is available for dine in. 

Anyway, I did try the one in Hong Kong as well and both comes with same conclusion. Crazy good baked buns, huge yummy Lo mai Kai and so so for the rest. The question is, how's the one in Jakarta? 

First thing first, it's Non Halal. So, yes, they keeping the pork and all the ingredients same as the original. Amen to that. But they will open their second branch at Grand Indonesia end of this year and only halal menu will be served there. 

They implemented the same order and payment system. You'd be given order sheet for you to write the order, pass it to the server and pay at cashier when you finish.

I stand by my words, crazy good baked buns, (not so) huge yummy lo mai kai and so so for the rest. The BBQ pork baked buns (38.8k) were flaky, crisp, sweet polo buns type with oh so good bbq pork filling. The pork was generous, moist, tender and juicy. 

The Lo Mai Kai (48.8k) was not as huge as the one in Spore and HK but doesn't subtract it goodness. It was moist, very good flavor with generous filling of pork meat and mushrooms. 

Lo Mai Kai (48.8k)
Pork dumpling with shrimp (36.8k)

Cheong Fan with pork (38.8k)

The rest on our table, Pork dumpling with shrimp (36.8k), Beancurd skin roll with shrimp (38.8k), Cheong Fan with pork liver (38.8k), Steamed beancurd skin roll with shrimp (33.8k) and Osmanthus jelly cake (28.8k) was just alright. I've had better ones at other dimsum place. I particularly felt disappointed for the cheong fan as the skin was too thick, and the Osmanthus jelly was a bit sticky for my liking.

Osmanthus jelly cake (28.8k)
Beancurd skinroll with shrimp (38.8k)
Steamed beancurd skin roll (33.8k)

Is the baked bun the best I've had so far? Yes. Are they the best dimsum place I've tried so far? No. Whether or not they worth the queue, I'll leave that to your own judgement. 

So, which one from Spore you wish to see next? I, since always, still keeping my faith and hope for Wee Nam Kee. We all know this town is in need for a good chicken rice. 

Thank you for reading and I wish you have a beautiful week ahead! 

Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 8-10 
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29033342
Opening hours: 11am - 8pm 
IG: @timhowanid

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hi makasih reviewnya tentang tim
ho wan tapi mo inform aja itu nomer telpnya salah, itu nomor telp abura soba hanya menginformasikan doang, thankyou :)