Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eatology by Q Smoke House

Eatology, A new restaurant at Sabang area opened by Q Smoke House. It was recently open on beginning of January this year, located near Kopitiam Oey. Last Saturday, I went there with my mom and hubby. Dad went to Medan so it was only the three of us having dinner. From outside, Eatology looked like a small bistro, but stepping inside the place was quite spacious. Dominated with light woods & white chairs, the place looked clean & sleek.  People who don't smoke will enjoy it here as the sections were separated by a big doors which looked like a transparent window. They have second floor for VIP rooms but still under renovated.

We sat down and started to order. We went with Salad Nicoise with tuna conserva (45k) and Salt & pepper chicken wing (45k) for the appetizers. Both were good. I especially like the chicken wing, crunchy and not oily, I can really felt the salt & pepper, the saltiness was in perfect portion.

They have a promo of all pizzas only 49k every Wednesday & Saturday after 6pm, so in order to took some benefit from the promo, we ordered Arugula braesola pizza (normal price: 85k), pizza filled with mozarella cheese, smoked beef topped with Arugula leaves. Pizza was nice, not overwhelmed with the cheese flavor, thin crust with fresh Arugula as the topping. Another main course we ordered was "Wet" Kansas city style barbeque beef short ribs platter (125k). They have dry and wet type, the waiter explained to us that dry means no sauce while the wet one means the ribs was marinated in sauce. The ribs came in huge portion with coleslaw and a slice of bread. It was superb. The beef was super tender, no need effort chewing it hardly. Even my super Mrs. complain Mom love all the foods. ;)

Overall, we have a great night. Great service, friendly waiter, prompt serving, delicious foods. Well, yes it was located in the crowded and busy of Sabang street but the interior itself was cozy and quiet, I really do enjoyed my dinner there.

Oh yes, I finally saw the mineral water designed by Sebastian Gunawan. I know it's late and perhaps everyone seem to saw it already, but still a little peep for those who haven't. :) 

Virgin Mojito (27k), Aqua (15k)

Eatology by Q Smoke House
Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 22 D-E
Sabang, Jakarta 
Ph. +6221 31930518, 31931135
Open: 7am - 11pm 


Fellexandro Ruby said...

Heard quite a bit unpleasant review on this place before. This is actually the first praise I heard. I'm intrigued. Can you tell us more on the ribs sauce? How does it taste?

Ivy said...

Really? i must be lucky then, as I had a great time there, food wise. they use bbq sauce on the ribs, tasted quite tangy. it was good.


Udah lama nggak ke Sabang, skrg banyak yah makanan enak. I should go there asap!

Wardah Adina said...

udah nyoba, dan hufft mahal yaa untuk makanan2nyaa.. tapi jadi favorit since kopinya dari anomali :)