Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Series Addict

I love movie! I enjoy and had no problem laying all day at home only to watch my regular series. This post is about some of my regular series, hopefully can be a good references for anyone who is a series addict like me. 


What can I say about Friends? An all time favorite. I am so in love with the series that only God knows how many times I have been watching it. I remember every single episodes. Love it!
Until now, I truly think no one still can replace Friends from the funniest comedy series.

Rate: 10/10, comedy.

Sex and The City

A very funny and enjoyable series about 4 best friends lives in Manhattan with all their problems & intrigue.
Rate: 10/10, drama comedy.

How I Met Your Mother 

One of my most favorite comedy series after Friends. Barney Stinson... Wat up?! The series is legen... wait for it... dary!

Rate: 10/10, comedy.

Desperate Housewives

The sexiest housewives happen to live in Wisteria Lane. One of my favorite drama. Can't wait for the new season. 

Rate: 8.5/10, Drama comedy. 

Beverly Hills 90210

I followed both the old & new version of 90210. Frankly, I like the old version more but the new one is not bad after the season 2 starts. Season 1 was quite boring.

Rate: 7/10, Drama.


I know there are tons of Glee fans out there. I am one of them, well sort of. I found them someday enjoyable to watch, someday boring to watch. But if someday Glee is having concert here, I definitely will buy a ticket.

Rate: 7/10, musical drama.

Grey's Anatomy 

Ok, seriously in real world, are there really cute doctors like Mcdreamy & Mcsteamy? If yes, a visit to hospital won't be so boring. ;)

Rate: 7/10, Drama.

Happy Endings

Story of friendship between 6 friends. It was not as funny as Friends or How I Met Your Mother, but I found them quite entertaining. 

Rate: 7/10, Comedy.

Traffic Light

Two words... Quite entertaining.

Rate: 7/10, Comedy.

Melissa & Joey 

The story is about the a young politician named Mel Burke who hired a male nanny after the nanny was being fraud by her brother in law. 

Rate: 7.5/10, Comedy

Meteor Garden

I don't really follow Asian series. Only small numbers of them but Meteor Garden definitely one of my favorite Asian series. Tao Ming Tse... *smooch*

Rate: 8/10, drama.

Ugly Betty

I love Betty Suarez! Still remember her hideous poncho she wore during her first interview at Mode. And look at her now with her stylish clothes and teeth without the braces. Can't wait the new season.

Rate: 8/10, drama comedy.
Friends with Benefits

From the title itself, story about friends with "benefits". 

Rate: 7/10, Comedy.

Brothers & Sisters

A series about a family, The Walker with all the problems stick together in the name of family. Deeply love Rob Lowe here. 

Rate: 7/10

Pretty Little Liars

The story is about 5 friends where one of them was missing and the remains 4 starts getting a weird message claiming as the missing friend. I found it slightly boring. 

Rate: 6/10, Drama.

Rules of Engagement

This comedy is quite funny. Story about 2 couples and 1 single playboy friend. 

Rate: 7/10, Comedy

Raising Hope

About a nerd having a one night stand with a random woman who turns out to be a murderer. The woman got in jail and pregnant, so the nerd guy must raise the baby on his own with his weird poor family. I like this movie. Funny. 

Rate: 7.5/10, Comedy

Accidentally on Purpose

The story is again about a woman having one night stand with a much younger & jobless man and got knocked up. The jobless man had to move in to her apartment as he has no where to live. 

Rate: 7.5/10, Comedy

CSI: Miami 

I love this detective series. Homicide detectives solving crime scene. Good one. I like to guess who is the criminal. ;)

Rate: 8/10, Action.

Cougar Town

About a single parent with her teenage son who still best friend with her ex-husband. Although sometimes a bit tacky, but it was quite funny to watch. 

Rate: 7/10, Comedy.

New Girl

The series is about a young girl name Jess who just recently got cheated by her boyfriend and move in to new apartment with 3 guys. It was not bad, but sometimes I don't really enjoy the jokes. Too tacky.

Rate: 6.5/10, Comedy.

Drop Dead Diva

I just recently watch the series and obsessed with it. Very entertaining. Review click here.

Rate: 9/10, drama.

The Defenders

Another story on the lawyer world. About a lawyer firm in Vegas, Morelli/ Kazmareck. Funny yet entertaining with the lawyer twist.

Rate: 8/10, drama.

The newest series in Star World. About a young woman who is getting a revenge for her dad who was betrayed by the woman he loved. I love the series.
Rate: 8.5/10, Drama.

Modern Family

This is totally funny. The story is about a big family center in 3 characters. The father and his family, the daughter and her family and the son and his family. A very hilarious comedy.

Rate: 8.5/10, Comedy.

The Big Bang Theory

A comedy about four nerds and 1 beauty who lives in the same building.

Rate: 7.5/10, Comedy.

Two and a Half Men

The story is about two brothers and 1 little kid. The older brother divorced with his wife and moved in with his son to his younger brother's home (played by Charlie Sheen originally but due to his drug addict case, the role now played by Asthon Kutcher). The story oriented mostly in these 3 men but very funny and lasted until season 9 and still going strong.
Rate: 8/10, Comedy.

The ratings were all my personal opinion, but I thought all the series mentioned worth to watch. Series addict out there, feel free to share yours... :)

*this post will be updated time to time*


cindy said...

Gw suka FRIENDS, ud tv series fav sepanjang masa deh. Dari SD pas jaman diputer di RCTI gw ud nonton :D terus HIMYM gw juga suka...GLEE, New Gril & terakhir REVENGE !!

Lovebbi Suryanto said...

i love how i meet your mother, Grey's anatomy!!!! nice drama series :)

Ivy said...

@cindy: iyaaa friends top abis yah. ga ada yg bs ngalahin.

@lovebbi: happy to meet another series fans :)

irene said...

gue juga suka friends, CSI, Glee, tp paling fav HIMYM! lucu banget itu ya sumpah haha. pernah nntn House? kayanya kalo loe suka Grey's anatomy bakalan suka House juga :)

Ivy said...

@irene: hahaha iyaa HIMYM super lucu. House ga ntn sih, bagus ya? ttg apa? dokter2 juga?

Ivy said...

forgetting another good series, the defenders. *blog updated*