Friday, April 13, 2012


**The review is based on a trip when they are still named as Pad@28.

A friend of mine told me about a diner she frequently passing through which always seemed to have crowds day and night. Since it was located in the intersection of SCBD and Senopati not far from The Goods Diner, we went there right after our short brunch. Pad@28 (read: Pad 28) is a  reincarnation of Brasas, an Argentinan steak restaurant formerly in Pacific Place Jakarta, they moved and reinvented as Pad@28 on Oct 2011 in a big white house turned into a restaurant.

The 1st floor was meant for smoking section with living room concept, grey color dominated, bookshelves on the wall side and bar was over the end of the room. While the 2nd floor which was non smoking section with dining room concept was darker with black color dominated, big mirrors framed in the walls, big black couch with colorful cushions as part of the decor. The design was an absolute classic chic.

As for the food, they served from western, Italian to Indonesian. We went with Duck Confit (90k), traditional crispy duck served with rustic potato and raspberry sauce, and Organic boneless half chicken (85k). The food was promptly served and nicely cooked. The duck's skin was crisp, yet the meat was very tender and perfectly seasoned, not too salty, tasted just right. The rustic potato was delicious, they didn't make it as soft as mashed potatoes, instead this one still has lump and potato skin mix together. As for the chicken, it was good as well, chicken was very tender, unfortunately I think it was lack of seasoning, the chicken felt a little bland. It came with 3 kind of sauces, chop onion with olive oil, fresh tomato with onion and cream sauce. I like the tomato best, the chop onion with olive oil was way too oily, and the cream sauce was too creamery for my taste. 

Duck confit
Organic boneless half chicken

Overall, we have a delightful lunch. Good ambiance with nice food, no wonder they were buzzing with crowds, must try! Oh yes, their bathroom was so white and clean, with very good smells of aromatherapy.

Twenty Eight
Jl. Tulodong Atas No. 28
Ph. +6221 5274085
Opening hours: 11am - 12 mid (weekend until 1am)


Inez Fransisca said...

I never heard about pad@28 before, but the interior is so impressing

Ivy said...

It is. :)

Cend Woo said...

yes yes yes! their toilet is nice and smells good!