Monday, April 30, 2012

Aroma Dermaga Seafood

The other day, one of my friend popped a questions, "How often you eat at PIK area?". My answer, more than pretty often.

To me apart from it was located not far from where I live, I enjoy the casual environment along with variety of foods they offered. Having a voucher to use definitely an extra bonus. Those were some of the reasons of me not hesitating on purchasing the voucher from when I saw Aroma Dermaga's promo on their site a while ago. 

My 119k voucher; 4 nasi + 1 ikan bandeng + 1 ikan gurame goreng telur asin + 1 cumi + 1 udang bakar jumbo + 1 kerang scallop + 2 sayur. Very worth it, don't you think?

Couple days ago, I went there with my family. It was weekday night and there were only several tables filled up. Interior was pretty standard. Between hunger and cannot stand the loud voices of housewives having arisan (read: social gathering) next to our table, handed the waiter my voucher and impatiently waited for our food to be served. 

Grilled Jumbo Prawn
Fried Fish cooked with Salted Egg Yolks
Grilled fish in soy sauce, Fried squid, Fried tofu, Chillies, Scallop clams in padang sauce, Sauteed watercress & beansprouts.

Don't you just love it when something happen better than what you expect? From the moment I bought the voucher until the day I visited, I didn't have high expectation on the food. What went through my mind at the buying process time was only the value was worth it, the venue was close and my dad likes seafood, that was all, none expectation was involved. What happened on the day was the food turns out to be quite good. The fish in soy sauce was nicely seasoned that the sauce was really seep in and not only covered in the skin, my first time trying fried fish in salted egg yolks was also not disappointing, the grilled prawn was crisp, the scallop clams in padang sauce was also quite delicious. 

Overall, it wasn't superb but that night dinner surely happen to be better than what I expected. 

Aroma Dermaga Seafood
Rukan Crown Golf Blok A no.11
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara
Ph. +6221 83385889

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